Oceanographer on Loop Current: For “whatever reason” the current moved things from the northern Gulf to SARASOTA-area, — It “went in an odd direction”

Currents steering sea nettles our way, Sarasota Herald Tribune, October 20, 2010:

In Sarasota Bay and some waters offshore, sea nettles are causing pain.

Driven by ocean currents, the jellyfish with the long stinging tentacles have been spotted from Fort Myers to St. Petersburg Beach. …

But in an interesting abnormality, sea nettles were practically absent this summer in the northern Gulf of Mexico, where they are a near yearly nuisance for beachgoers.

“You guys got the sea nettles that we were supposed to get,” said Monty Graham, a biological oceanographer who focuses his research on jellyfish at Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Louisiana. “What it looks like happened this year, for whatever reason the current went in an odd direction and moved the nettles south.”

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4 comments to Oceanographer on Loop Current: For “whatever reason” the current moved things from the northern Gulf to SARASOTA-area, — It “went in an odd direction”

  • premurderedGOM

    “there will be no hurricanes if the Loop Current does not restart, this will keep them offshore”. News flash here. May 18, Loop Current stalls>spins into eddy>eddy breaks off from main current>wild global weather changes>early glaciation starts this winter>crop failures 2011….. Dr. Gianluigi Zangari; Frascati National Laboratories, Italy. If you live in america, you will never be told the truth. Google Zangari, gom, oil spill. If you know, you can at least help yourself and your family prepare. [Bet you didn’t hear that it was 49 degrees here in the Panhandle last week].

  • ghana

    What if that was the goal after-all? The death, poisoning and genocide of the GOM and coastal regions was a short-term goal? The long term being; crop failure, death by weather and disaster migration to billions?

    I picture this meeting happening in Jan, 2010. David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, “Slim” Huey, Evilyn De Rothschild, Sheik Doo Doo Pants, Queen of the dead from England… you know the list; all sitting around their table made from a meterorite or some shit.

    Rock opens up: “This bamboozle from Gore on climate change is a cluster fuck!”

    “2012… which wanker thought of this… ? Oh, yeah Clinton, after his DMT South American trips in the 60’s. Dumb-ass, STFU”!

    “We spent billions on advertising and bogus research and got… “NOTHING!”

    “The cats out of the bag, so all those in favor of Plan B… (whispers to “Slim”, “My plan fucking A!”) say Yes!” His lover takes count and leans to whisper in his ear and he swats him away like a pesky fly.

    “I see 100% in favor of plan… Deep Freeze!”

    A roar of applause erupts and their new “think” phones go to blasting messages to stock brokers, real estate agents (attorneys), Admirals, Generals, Industrialists, family members, etc., all while lighting turd cigars from Saturd virgins and drinking goat urine from Pleeto.

    “Slim” closes: On Earth Day 4/20 we throw the rest of humanity a finger and shut down the suns ability to heat the oceans and move the currents. Estimates and models show a 4 degree temperature drop in 2 years and a global food disaster in 4. By 2016 we expect 80% of the population to have succumbed do to starvation and disease.”


    Just a novel I’m working on.

  • Canuck

    WOW! GOOD POST GHANA!! Excellent insight and a clear knowledge of how they think and who they are. Wow. It’s actually the only thing that makes sense to me, why this would be deliberate. I’ve looked at a few models of climate change and some suggest Europe, the E of the US basically everyone close to the Atlantic would go into a deep freeze and the Pacific side would be affected less. But it’s all speculation.

  • Jean

    The ultimate ego trip–controlling the weather!

    No hurricanes in the northern Gulf of Mexico this year is a very good thing; but it seems unusual, and this would fit with the Loop Current breaking down. Storms that move over the warm water of the Loop Current usually strengthen rapidly (Katrina, for example). Strangely enough, the only two storms in the northern Gulf this summer both fell apart near the oil spill site (28.7 N 88.4 W).
    Tropical Storm Bonnie: last advisory 7/24, location 28.5 N 87.6 W
    Tropical Depression #5: last advisory 8/11, location 28.3 N 87.6 W
    Info from http://www.nhc.noaa.gov Advisory Archive

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