Official denies USF researchers’ findings: “No way” Corexit is on beach, blames natural seepage for oil — Yet BP is sending crews to area (VIDEO)

WCSO Refutes Contamination Claims, WMBB, October 15, 2010:

Some researchers from the University of South Florida say they have found evidence of oil and dispersant contaminating South Walton beaches, but the Walton County emergency operations team says that isn’t so. Captain Joe Preston says there’s no way dispersant residue could have been detected on South Walton beaches

Preston says that soon BP will send crews to detect tar balls and any contaminant that may have been overlooked

According to the sheriff’s office no one is trying to hide anything “…you always have to worry about some big conspiracy…everyone’s looking for the shooter on the grassy knoll. There’s no shooter on the knoll that I’m aware of here…”

NOAA and the DEP have said before that several million gallons of oil leak naturally into the Gulf and are not related to deepwater horizon. So according to the sheriff’s office some oil will always be present.

See also: USF Researcher finds BP’s oil covering entire beach & indicates dispersant in coastal lake — Apologizes to public for listening to officials that this part of Florida was OK

11 comments to Official denies USF researchers’ findings: “No way” Corexit is on beach, blames natural seepage for oil — Yet BP is sending crews to area (VIDEO)

  • sam

    They will send who? The perps? We are supposed to feel safe because BP will come test our sand for us and give the truth?

    They haven’t done one thing right, and we still allow them some position of authority? What the HELL?

  • Sorry no bueno. If you want us to believe you in the government, then you have to consistently show good faith and good judgement in your operations. Otherwise you will be treated like used car salesmen.

  • D. Thomas

    RE: Captain Joe Preston says there’s no way dispersant residue could have been detected on South Walton beaches…
    NOAA and DEP say millions of gallons of oil leak naturally into the Gulf…

    Hey GOV, stop lying! This oil cover-up is both figurative and literal. Oil is hiding but plenty is visible- all ya gotta do is look for it. Thanks to the dispersant, the oil dispersed throughout the Gulf water that laps our beaches [e.g. South Walton Beaches].

    Oil naturally seeps into the Gulf but NOT MILLIONS OF GALLONS EVERY DAY!!
    NOAA’S “official estimate” of oil BP leaked is 2,604,000 gallons A DAY!!!

    Over 200 million gallons of BP oil + 1.8 million gallons of Corexit = about 135,000 dead animals and billions of dead fish (unprecedented fish kills).

    Please stop lying cause we’re not buying. Your job is to serve and protect the people, not BP.

    Sincerly, Sick on the Gulf


  • Albert Trimble

    Sister Bluebird,
    Why so hard on used-car salesmen? They’re not as low as the government and BP!

  • premurderedGOM

    Walton, Destin, Perdido, Gulf Shores, they are all ‘caucasian owned, snooty, rich, dont like anybody that dont look like them’ areas. I know from personal experience. Had a guy the other day from Walton Bch tell me there was NEVER any oil. I can’t begin to tell you how many sick people I see here. Yet they continue to act like nothing happened. They still swim, fish and eat Gulf seafood. I don’t get it? Can someone please enlighten me?

  • D. Thomas

    Them good-ol’-boys stick together. They’re the reason it’s called the Redneck Riviera- my adopted home and I love it despite them. But they are more concerned with their property values than anybody’s health. They don’t care outsiders but they tolerate tourists…as they say, “Ya aint from around here are ya?”

  • Steve

    I guess in this day and age, rednecks ride around on yachts and talk about grassy knolls and conspiracy theories.

  • premurderedGOM,

    Good grief! You certainly have enlightened me with your statement, [“… they are all caucasian owned, snooty, rich, dont like anyone that dont look like them… ].

    Is that why you are still living along the GOM? Apparently you are dark skinned, and I suspect you don’t like ‘whitey’ whom you feel are interlopers there.

    Perhaps states further north really are more tolerant of differences, and enjoy the uniqueness of the individual rather than a unique shade of flesh.

    But of course we expect legality.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Get over the racist bigotry, PMGOM. I’m a Ft. Walton Beach native. I have NEVER seen the “snooty rich white” attitude at all. In fact, thanks to the USAF and Anderson-Columbia road paving and Hurricane Opal, most people in the area are mixed or Hispanic. I don’t live there any more, having had to move further east for a job, but I still have ties to the area. We “fish heads” are NOT rich–get that right outta your noggin, man. The imported condo-owning, fishing yacht-owning, Seaside-dwelling class are snotty, but they sure as “H” “E” double hockey sticks, ain’t local. If you have been slighted by someone from over that way, you probably either talked to a transplant or came on like an a-hole like you did just now here. We fish heads do NOT like being abused and stereotyped. Oh, and on another note, I know the guy that built the first high-rise condo on Okaloosa Island. Guess what, brainiac? He’s Lebanese. Not a rich, white, redneck (oxymoron, anyone).

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