“The oil is still there”: Up to “79 percent of it sank to the ocean floor, where it remains” says FSU professor

Professor believes most spilled oil settled on ocean floor, News Herald, November 23, 2010:

The oil is still there, sitting at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and causing damage to the environment, a Florida State University professor who studies greenhouse gases, oceans and energy said Tuesday.

Professor Jeff Chanton… said he thinks most of that Deepwater Horizon oil โ€” as much as 70 percent to 79 percent of it โ€”sank to the ocean floor, where it remains, sucking up oxygen and inhibiting life.

He and his colleagues are working to determine how that layer of sludge might affect the Gulf and how long it might take for the ecosystem to recover.

13 comments to “The oil is still there”: Up to “79 percent of it sank to the ocean floor, where it remains” says FSU professor

  • Joseph E Fasciani

    As I wrote in my May article at rense.com, this nightmare cannot be contained, nor will it quietly go away, no matter how much the current regime in DC wants it to do. In time it will kill off most of the ‘higher’ species in the Gulf and invisibly migrate into the Atlantic Loop, eventually hitting the UK and then Europe.

    Most human perspective is flawed, seeing matters as important only if the event is relevant to this year, or one’s own life just now. As a species we engage in acts which far outlive our lifetimes, so we think they are of lesser consequence.

    Thus, we labour under the assumption that Nature is a kind of poor housekeeper, some times slovenly, and terribly inefficient all the time. She just can’t get done what we want fast enough!

    Instead, Nature needs Our Help, because our infinite intellectual insights allow us to replace an old-fashioned God with our flawless thoughts and actions. This would be a fine premise to operate under if Nature (and all those pesky closed systems!) were not so fatally unforgiving of applied arrogance.

    Well, now we will live –and die– from that arrogance. It is unfortunate that so few truly understand what it means to be ‘conservative’!

  • Andy

    Why isn’t our government requiring bp to suck the sludge off the bottom? Why is bp still in business?

  • soozla

    The government involvement/coverup is allowing millions of gallons of dispersant to be used to”sink” the oil.This “sinking” is killing the marine life in the area and will for longer than I can bear to say.
    The amount of oil out there is unimaginable.
    There are tremendous health risks to be considered. The people have to quit awaiting for answers —they are not going to get anything but lies from the “officials”.(or maybe the “officials” seal their records like in Louisiana)

  • David Scott

    I’m pissed that the video won’t play unless you download and install that stupid ClickPotato junk. I already have XVID installed.

  • JOE

    REPLY to andy, because you and everyone else drives a car each day and the big oil companies have bought everything that has come out so we wouldn’t need to use fuel. your taking about billions and billions of dollars these people make and they have long since bought your government. as long as you sit and do nothing, they will keep uping the stakes on all of us.

  • Sick of gvt

    Government has outlived it’s usefulness. Use the truth as a weapon.

  • James de Juste II

    The scientists investigating the gulf, who are not bought off, need to get their findings out to a larger audience through Rense and other sites and media. The people have to be aroused about the consequences of inaction. Obama and company sooner or later have to require BP to vacuum the sea bed in the gulf into tankers for perhaps some kind of conversion toward recovery. Naive sounding? Who’s got a better idea?

  • I wonder whatever happened to the movie star who said he had a centrifugal machine that could separate the oil from the water. Then, the oil could be contained elsewhere — somewhere?

  • jerry

    In the name of all that is good, noble, truthful, decent, kind, loving, and environmentally sound, I raise my voice to the heavens and beckon …yay, I rise and beckon to the gods of antiquity…come…come and kick BP right in the ass…will ya? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mike S

    This is one of many wake-up calls to Americans, they need to realize that the President, most of Congress, and many corporations have no concern for them. Almost everything Bush did made things worse for the planet and everyone but the very wealthy. Obama is continuing those policies. John Perkins has called this a Corporatocracy. Alex Jones says the 2 party system prevents real 3rd party choices and distracts us from the real people with power. Our votes do not matter, Congress is mostly sold out, and the country has incredibly serious problems. IF enough Americans wake up in time then MAYBE we can turn things around from within the system. That is always preferable to anarchy, civil war, mob rule, vigilante justice, or people taking the law into their own hands. This BP debacle is a great illustration of how little power we have over what happens, even when extremely toxic chemicals are dumbed into our ecosystem, and how little power we have to know hear the truth, when the corporations and government lie and pay scientists to lie. This will go on and this will GET WORSE until we the people stand up and stop being willing victims. Will I live to see this day come… I think this day will come when the economy gets so bad that class warfare erupts. There is NO political will to clean up government.

  • Mike S: I couldn’t agree with you more in most of what you say — except that people are throwing their blankets aside, yawning, stretching, and getting their first glimpse of the days morning sun.

    Their wisdom and knowledge is growing: I thank my lucky stars for having discovered Alex Jones in 2008. His websites http://www.prisonplanet.com and http://www.infowars.com has further enlightened me; I have always listened to alternative news and discussions — and have for 45 years, and he is the best!

    If you want to get ahead of the ball, listen to him and after a while, you too will be able to interpret the *next* move government is likely to make; spot false flag events, ectera.

    Alex Jones is occasionally a tad shrill — but it passes quickly. He’s still growing: He’s about 36 years of age. atopposed to

  • mitch

    sick of scum bag government

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