“Oil and chemical residue still coat the beach” in Ocean Springs, Mississippi – Dead pelicans, fish, turtles, and jelly fish (PHOTOS)

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS FROM OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI: Oil, Chemical Residue Still Coat the Beach, February 27, 2011:

Photographer Jerry Moran

On Feb. 23, I made a return trip to Ocean Springs, Miss., to see how things looked 10 months after the spill. All images were taken in the area of Latitude 30,21.8599N; Longitude 88,46.123W.

I have photographed this beach on at least five occasions since August 2010. And I’m disappointed to see and report that very little has changed: oil and chemical residue still coat the beach, and erosion has taken a heavy toll on large parts of the shoreline where mangroves and marsh grass once flourished. …

The beach has simply vanished into the Gulf in many areas as dead pelicans, fish, turtles, and jelly fish continue to litter the beach 10 long months after the spill.

See the photos here.

8 comments to “Oil and chemical residue still coat the beach” in Ocean Springs, Mississippi – Dead pelicans, fish, turtles, and jelly fish (PHOTOS)

  • Jean

    This poor dead pelican and the corpses on Grand Isle probably won’t even make it into the official death count. The last report from US Fish & Wildlife was January 25, 2011. Another federal agency either slacking or bought off by BP.


  • JEC

    What is also scary..in all the photos..NO SIGN OF ANY BIRDS–Living birds. No sign of living crabs, or “critters”. Looks dead–or what hell looks like.

  • soozla


    Buddy buddies… bought and paid for shills.

  • xdrfox

    This is on the east coast of the Inlet Coastal Waterway… I Saw None of the Usual Life There, Only Algae Seems Thriving in the Halifax River Fl. *PICS*
    on Thursday, February 03, 2011 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/394/701/ To be fair I was out there again 2 days ago and saw a Red drum jump three times (18″ to 22″ long) in the water after about 30 minutes observing.

  • xdrefox:

    Great photos! I always enjoy them and I especially enjoyed them today with my tea and honey.

    Btw, are those barnacles on the lower part of the posts?

    Your photo of the seagull in flight lit my heart with joy! I could almost imagine my hand beneath it — holding it aloft and feeling its warm and fuzzy underbelly; demonstrating to the world the great beauty of nature and its right to life. It is a beautiful example of life, of how precious all life is, and especially in a *now* desolate and barren coast and ocean.

    The world is watching — and you xdrfox, are expressing the immense crime that BP has committed in your beautiful photos: It is clear that the world has been dealt an horrific blow and that many species of precious life have been lost. The individual members have suffered an end-of-life that is beyond painful and desperate.

    BP needs to be broken down — to tires and thrown on a trash heap along with all of its patents and licenses — then set aflame with corexit.

  • Our judicial system needs to live up to its responsibilities, and bring BP down — immediately.

    And, our judicial system must step-in and force BP to compensate the victims living along the coast.

    Congress must fund groups who are capable of getting down on their knees, in a hopeless terrain –and setup any possible environmental housing (plants/marsh) for the future animals that our universities can nuture through knowledge and funding; when its safe of course.

  • xdrfox

    You asked, ” are those barnacles on the lower part of the posts?” Yes and they all died last July, …
    Hermit crabs dieing ! Along with the Blue Crabs, Oysters, Ghost Crabs, Barnacles ! (PICS) Tuesday, August 10, 2010 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/132/055/ … There is no joy reporting such as this as war would be. Seeing a bit of beauty that is still with us for now is important for us all but keep in mind that the well may be dry tomorrow, and we all will be thirsty for what was !

  • we know what you can accomplish and what you cannot accomplish. The well is still leaking, and indeed, it has never stopped. So close your briefcases’, pocket your glasses .1 percent of the water samples and approximately 1 percent of the sediment samples exceeded EPA aquatic life benchmarks

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