Oil cleanup crew whistleblower: Watch four videos and get a few pamphlets to be certified under Coast Guard

"Class follows all OSHA requirements"

Oil spill clean up: one woman says she was ripped off, FOX Channel 4 (Ft. Myers, FL):

Heidi Deal... went to the Ostego Bay Foundation [under U.S. Coast Guard jurisdiction] and signed up for a four hour, $25 certification class. She hoped to leave ready to help out if the oil ever reaches our shores.

She got a certificate at the end of the class. "It says I'm certified for first response emergency clean up," she told me. ...

"Not at all. Not safely," she answered. Heidi says her teacher played four videos on the environment and passed out a few pamphlets. That's it.

"I feel like they shouldn't leave with a certificate saying they can go clean up oil and not be prepared and be exposed to these substances," she said.

From the Ostego Bay Oil Spill Co-op webpage:

In 1991, to help prevent such a catastrophe, the state of Florida began requiring local communities to either maintain first-response capabilities themselves or contract with outside experts to provide those first response services.

The Ostego Bay Environmental Response Co-op was created in 1992 to meet those state requirements. The all-volunteer group, consisting primarily of local marinas and commercial fishermen, is licensed and inspected by the state and operates under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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