Oil in Gulf “VERY RESISTANT to further biodegradation” — “Full toxic form for decades” in low oxygen zones (VIDEO)

Gulf Oil Spill and Seafood Safety Government Panel, House Committee Energy & Commerce, Energy and Environment, August 19, 2010:

Lisa Suatoni, Senior Scientist Natural Resources Defense Council, Oceans Program.

Ian MacDonald, Professor Florida State University.

5 comments to Oil in Gulf “VERY RESISTANT to further biodegradation” — “Full toxic form for decades” in low oxygen zones (VIDEO)

  • ehswan

    The problem for me is that I hear and read that there is no problem with the Gulf, then I hear, read that there is a problem with the gulf. So what am I led to think? Well this is in a nutshell what I am led to think. I saw a video on “You Tube” of a fisherman who lived on the shore of the Gulf and he told the reporter “I want to show you something” and led him down to the shore where crabs were crawling out of the water. The fisherman told the reporter that he had never seen this before and then he started to weep.

  • justmeint

    what are we to believe? TRUTH is what we ask for and politics is what we get in reply.
    Have you ever, in you life, receive a straight answer from a politician? They cannot simply say ‘yes or no’ but they can give you reams of diatribe…..


  • shepton

    Science is not on their side. Yes in cold climates oil can persist for a long time especially if, as in Alaska some was buried.

    I think that is much less likely in the warmer waters of the Gulf even in the UK, where we have had our fair share of major spills oil has not peprsisted in the way these two prodict.

    Anyway basically its too soon for all this pontificating. Solid research and not speculative theories is needed.

    Remember these guys are after their research funding – for the Professors lifetime

  • ApoliticalBlues

    It appears that shepton has decided to ignore the findings of the University of Georgia and the University of South Florida. This stuff is here to stay for decades, accompanied by all its toxic goodness. In May I read a report that FEMA and EPA had come to the conclusion that the coast would have to be evacuated, plans were drawn-up. Looks like the Malthusians are winning the day.

  • Robert

    I am a biologist and a chemist and I am not from the States. And I will tell you that you will have the oil and the corexit for many years. And nobody will pay the whole damage!!!

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