Oil just south of Florida Keys by June 19: Forecast

Latest HYCOM-GFS oilspill forecast shows a large stretch of oil approximately 15 miles south of the Florida Keys, near Marathon and Big Pine Key by this weekend.

Imagery: http://deepwaterhorizon.fsu.edu/projections/hycom/

12 comments to Oil just south of Florida Keys by June 19: Forecast

  • kimmie

    What if BP goes under?

    Then, who pays?

  • Rev Reggie Jackson

    This was deliberately done to bring about more economic stress on our economy and to put more people out of work. And to make them more dependent upon the government. And to pass Obama’s Carbon Tax Bill; which will put Americans in more economic stress. And to bring about their One World Government and New World Order Antichrist beast system!!

  • The Russians have used Nukes to stop blowouts.I mile deep has not been tried.
    There is risk.Catch 22.The money BP pays
    will not clean up damage to environment.Cost exceeds as spirit of man is damaged.Exxon Valdez still lingers as
    damage still exist.Alternative energy is available.Natural gas 200 yr.supply U.S..
    Stall tactics as Russian natural gas is more
    profitable to import.MDI France The Air Compressed Engine .Walter E.Haas Search Yahoo-Google.com-God Bless America

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