Oil may have reached annulus; BP has NOT yet decided to cement well during “Static Kill’

The Times-Picayune reports, “BP and federal officials have not yet decided if the runaway Macondo well will be cemented as part of the ‘static kill,’ National Incident Commander Thad Allen said.”

“It’s possible BP will next pump cement in from the top of the well, but that decision has not yet been made,” the report continues, “If BP finds that oil has reached the outer shell of the well — called its annulus — BP would rather wait and pump cement into the Macondo well from its bottom using one of two relief wells being drilled.”

4 comments to Oil may have reached annulus; BP has NOT yet decided to cement well during “Static Kill’

  • jec

    The video documentation of the various ROV sites seems to be very carefully scripted and managed. As this footage likely will be used for legal claims against BP, its understandable the footage has been kept to a minimum, with lower lighting, blue screen/filtered views, specific locations, and no sonar –at least for the general public views. Certainly hope ALL the higher quality footage, with ALL the views of the ROV operators and the USCG/BP control room sounds/voice is made available. An oil spill is not something to be kept under a “SECRET” military classification.

  • Betsy S.

    I can’t figure out why the BOP is STILL blowing bubbles out like mad????

    Obviously, there is still A LOT of upward pressure!

  • Afu

    Anyway, I still cannot understand how that cap can hold in place.

    Before putting that cap, there were tons of oil and gas moving up inside the well pipe. Stopping that is like stopping a train weighing tons.
    You don’t stop that train of oil and gas just by showing it a cap and frowning at it with a ROV. It was moving up and physics has it that it should still be moving up, so it’s no wonder that there are plenty of seeps and leakage in the sea-floor.

    That train of oil and gas that was moving up through the well-pipe is now a whole world of rivulets that are moving up through the sea-floor, and that’s why the cap can “somehow” hold on. The pressure is not there any more, it’s diffused throughout the whole sea-floor.

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