Oil “melt” next summer? Warm water allows submerged oil to surface says environmental expert

BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill leaves Gulf coast forever changed, Gulfbreeze News, December 30, 2010:

“If there are any more of the preserved oil pockets in the sediment of the bays and the oceans, an event called upwelling will most likely uncover and possibly start breaking up these pockets and bringing this product to the surface,” said Heather Reed, environmental consultant for the City of Gulf Breeze.

“The upwelling events are crucial to our fisheries because it bring the cold nutrient rich sediment to the surface and is vital to primary production which is essential to the food chain of the seafood industry.

“We may not know of the impacts until next summer when the water warms up and allows this product to become more viscous and melted.”

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