Oil movement “consistent with ocean currents”; NOAA map shows impact south of Tampa and along much of Florida’s East Coast (VIDEO)

Florida Sportsman reported that, “Data shows movement of subsurface oil is consistent with ocean currents… movements are generally consistent with observed ocean currents in the area.”

From the NOAA website, Physical Oceanographic Division, Monitoring the Gulf of Mexico Conditions During the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill:

Numerical simulations of flow trajectories show how the ocean currents spread idealized particles released from a given location. These simulations are based on satellite observations or numerical simulations of ocean surface currents. The spreading of these idealized particles approximates that of oil, below the ocean surface, where the effect of wind and sunlight are not that important compared with the surface where discrepancies between these simulations and the spreading of oil are possible.

[This map for July] shows an animation of the evolution of SURFACE water particles (in black) released daily since April 20 at the Deepwater Horizon location… Red tones indicate attracting… barriers for the moving particles… particles closely follow [these red tones.]

At a depth of 200 meters (does not show underwater currents near
coastline because depth under 200m):

At a depth of 700 meters:

5 comments to Oil movement “consistent with ocean currents”; NOAA map shows impact south of Tampa and along much of Florida’s East Coast (VIDEO)

  • BillyHewitt

    BP is a terrorist organization the same as Al Qaeda and BP Corporate officers have committed a terrorist act against America by murdering Americans and destroying the Gulf of Mexico (in process). Simply declare BP a terrorist organization and send all company officers to Guantanamo for daily waterboarding until they confess (Bush & Cheney solution) then introduce them to Cuban firing squad. The patriot act would apply and all problems are solved. The question still remains how many more people will BP murder with corexit 9500 toxic rain or methane & Benzene toxic gas clouds?

  • ducq

    Your simulation seems backward. The oil following the Gulf Stream around Florida should demonstrate more oil, not less, with depth; consistent with the Gulf Stream itself.

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