“Oil rig explodes” in Gulf

Oil rig explodes burning three workers, Herald Sun, December 1, 2010:

An oil rig exploded overnight in a Louisiana bayou just north of the Gulf of Mexico, but authorities said it appeared that any release of oil or gas was limited.

Three workers were sent to hospital with burns after the 10am local time incident in Bayou Perot, below the tiny town of Jean Lafitte south of New Orleans. …

The explosion came as the Obama administration was set to announce a new five-year drilling plan that will not allow offshore oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico or off the Atlantic coast.

11 comments to “Oil rig explodes” in Gulf

  • Nothing to see here. So, just move along little chickadees, and tuck yourself — all snug and warm, under your Mama’s wings. Ain’t no foxes out tonight. You’re safe-and-sound.

    And yes indeed, you’ll be awakened in the morning when the rooster crows. Just like always.

    Everything is still the same. We’re all so safe and happy in our cozy coop. Oops! I forgot. We’re living with the big boys now, so I must remember to say that we live in a Hen House.

  • uncomfortablynumb

    1932 CST Hrs….Just happened to pass by
    an airport appx. 425 naut.miles NNW from your location and noticed foxes with parachutes boarding C-130….out.

  • soozla

    And not a word on NOLA… about this incident.
    Where is NOLA anyway?
    Aren’t they supposed to be the best online news source in Louisiana?
    Here’s the front of the Times Picayune.
    With local media like this -the rest of the world -heck.. the rest of the state does not know what is going on with the oil spill.
    They can’t even keep their eyes on the local politicians as they are lining their pockets with recovery money at the expense of the people.
    Could it be because their pockets are being lined as well?

  • Soozla: You said, ‘Could it be because their pockets are being lined as well?”

    In MHO, yes they are — and some, just to keep their jobs. To them, the residents living along the Gulf of Mexico are less important than their own future financial security. Just today, I listened to Chris Plante (9:00am-12:00pm WMAL radio) discuss BP and the oil spill. It seems he wants to lessen the importance of the volcanic oil gusher event — whilst he suggest it’s over and that’s that.

    Sadly, any person in the media will toll-the-line as directed: The banking cartels and Soros, Rockefeller…. determine what will be presented to the public — and how. For example, anyone who thinks differently — even as they have the real *facts*, will be labeled as a nut or extremist.

    We know the routine don’t we?

  • uncomfortablynumb:

    What? There are foxes coming this way! Oh my word, and they’re wearing parachutes — and, and are boarding a C-130? Oh my goodness! And Hercules is coming with them?

    that bad Hercules can land anywhere — anytime — and on any terrain. That… that means they can land here, right here at the chicken coop, oops, right here at the door to my Henhouse. And, oh my word!
    You should hear what’s going on here. I forgot and left my microphone on for the rooster, and all the poultry has heard my frightening words…

    Oh my goodness — there’s chaos now, and feathers are flying all over the place…

  • xdrfox

    Now this man nails it on his videos, Rebecca Spillson …Six Month Update on Oil Spill … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/287/464

  • soozla

    Who needs the MSM media anyway? Journalistic buffoonery.
    The news is– many people on the GOM are going to have to turn their backs to the sea.
    At this point ..unimaginable.

  • xdrfox

    Some truth about media … Government/MainStreamMedia Puppet Show Exposed!!

  • xdrfox

    Now this man nails it on his videos, Rebecca Spillson …Six Month Update on Oil Spill … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/287/464/
    sorry missed a / on other link

  • xdrfox

    Fire and explosions on several of these rigs and platforms of late, Methane rising from the sea ?

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