“Speechless”: Oil sheen now “a lot worse” — “All these spots are just completely loaded” on MS beach (VIDEO)

Blood Beach has not went any where, By Lorrie Williams at Gulf Park Estates in Ocean Springs MS, October 24, 2010:

Worst at 1:15 and 3:05 minutes in

An absolute mess…

Sheen spots look a lot worse than they have in the past…

All these spots are just completely loaded with rainbow colored sheen…

Kind of speechless…

3 comments to “Speechless”: Oil sheen now “a lot worse” — “All these spots are just completely loaded” on MS beach (VIDEO)

  • premurderedGOM

    The Bayou in Pensacola, Fl is covered in oily sheen. When the wind comes off the Gulf it brings the smell of crude. How long can people be exposed to this? Get to sick to work? Start losing jobs, homes. Many are sick in downtown P’cola. Bank workers fell ill with respiratory problems months ago. And yes, there is oil in the rain. I know this sounds impossible, but the other day, after a light rain, black crude oil[light coating] had dried on my car. In disbelief I swiped it with my finger and it smelled like oil! I wonder how far this is being spread in air/rain? Michelle has a garden right?….

  • Pat

    I have a bad feeling that it travels a pretty good distance.

    Many an unsuspecting person is going to feel the effects of this disaster.

  • Dan

    Especially if the east coast has been sprayed too. Previously I was considering only having to worry about weather from the gulf, but if they hit the east coast too, then you have another front from which death can approach.

    It is obviously on purpose, no other explanation makes sense.

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