Oil, sheen reported in Alabama: “Patties, 1 to 3 inches across, floating along the seawall”

Oil may have washed up in Coden, Bayou La Batre, say witnesses, Ben Raines for the Press-Register, September 14, 2010:


Coden, AL:

The material was bunched up against the seawall in Coden on Sunday morning and again early Monday, said Jan Bryant Isham…

Isham said she noticed a brown material and an accompanying light sheen Sunday during her regular weekend walk along the seawall. She provided camera-phone images [not posted] of small patties, 1 to 3 inches across, floating along the seawall and out in open water.

Bayou La Batre, AL:

Sandy Barnes, who lives in Bayou La Batre, said that she saw a lot of what she believes is oil.

2 comments to Oil, sheen reported in Alabama: “Patties, 1 to 3 inches across, floating along the seawall”

  • kim

    How sick it all is. Notice how Halliburton was working on the oil rig a month before it blew. then it could have been capped off day one, so say long time oil rig people. guess the ecconomy was not falling fast enough for DC…over 12,000 miles at the bottom, moving around the world..how sick they all are. then BP campained for obama the whole time..I hope America wakes up and sees the left and right as one big monster and now the right foot is showing. hopw the Tea party and Constitution people win, other wise we are done !! there is clean drilling. we have seven states and more oil than Sauid ever dreamed of. letting the enemy drill on our shore? my gosh, AK we can drill 100 ft down and get it and never hurt any wild life. but no,,BP drills in 5000 ft and hurts the earth. their still lying. oil is still leaking from the pressure on the bottom of the one they blew. Revelation 8 tells us of this red look, toxic spray causes. and the oceans die..what will it take to turn back and enforce the laws , the Constitution and see the whole world who tried socialims, communism fell…we will be like third world poor under dictatorship. take a look around, nothing like 35 cents a gal hey?? and no taxes according to Constitution..closed borders , deported ilegals and 22 million back to work, gangs gone, evil in gov locked up. what a way to go..

  • Chris

    Hmm… Media coverage has ceased too. Here is a great collection of recent stories from the gulf: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/whats-going-gulf

    Imagine the raging firestorm if Bush was still POTUS?

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