Oil slick spotted 12 miles off Ft Lauderdale coast by yacht captain

Excerpt from Has Oil Entered Gulf Stream, Reached Fort Lauderdale?, Palm Beach New Times, June 8, 2010:

Yesterday, a Fort Lauderdale-based yacht captain was boating about 12.5 miles offshore from Port Everglades when he and his passengers noticed the oil slick... about a half-mile long. It was unlike anything he had seen in years on the water. He collected a water sample. ...


Oil Slick 12 miles off Ft. Lauderdale, FL (New Times)

Two scientists say findings of oil along the southeastern coast would be consistent with their predictions. USF researcher Dr. Yonggang Liu is an expert on circulation patterns in the Gulf.  He says that "from satellite and radar images, [my colleague Dr. Chuanmin Hu] spotted some surface oil in Florida Strait on 6/6 and 6/7." ...

Liu's colleague Dr. Hu wrote in an email that "when we reported suspected oil sheen patches in the Florida Straits on 6/6/2010, Florida Fish and Wildlife Convervation Commission (FWC) and the US Coast Guard wouldn't believe it. ... He said that the captain's observation "is extremely important"...

Read the full article: http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/juice/2010/06/oil_spill_fort_lauderdale_gulf_stream.php

40 comments to Oil slick spotted 12 miles off Ft Lauderdale coast by yacht captain

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    You'll 'die' laughing.

    Then you'll just die.

  • M

    It makes me sick to my stomach why we insist on playing God, over and over again, if left to our own devices we would burn in hell and take everyone with us....
    when I hear that all that can be done now is blow it up and the debris will cover and stop it.... Thank God someone with common sense stepped in and said "WHAT"?????

  • M

    If those cliches' are true "there is a moron born every minute" Should never have been that deep in the open ocean to begin with - No back up plan????? Hummmmmm!!!

  • The Oracle

    The Gulf of Mexico...an oil disaster of BP...Biblical Proportions.

    Another Great Flood...but of BP oil.

    But wait, it'll get even worse in upcoming months as moisture moves inland off the Gulf of Mexico into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, possibly Texas (in the form of rain clouds or hurricanes), northward-moving Gulf moisture that will be carrying oil particles, kind of like Acid Rain, coating everything in sight with oily water droplets miles and miles inland, wherever the rain clouds go.

    In other words, Gulf Coast residents and our country will be plagued for a long, long time with oil-tainted Gulf water and oil-tainted rain falling from the sky. Sounds like BP (Biblical Proportions) to me.

  • Holocaust Gaza

    Well BP delivered some oil to the Florida coast, who is the recipient and who will pay?

    In a month or so we will know the truth.

  • Ron

    Tampa Tribune: USF Scientists “confirmed a low concentration of oil off the southern tip of Florida”

    That's because BP is sinking the oil with that poisonous toxic chemical dispersant called Corexit. It's sitting on the bottom of the gulf. The label on Corexit says don't spray it on water.

  • Predictions and expectations in South Florida for 2010 and early 2011 tourist season. Tourist will continue to come to South Florida this winter season for more than just visiting our beaches. However, we do forecast a drop in travelers. Tourism will drop for a minimum of 12 months and people will get use to the idea that we have to live with this eco disaster sadly enough. Businesses that do not have enough cash reserves to last a reduction in sales of 25% for up to 2 years will not last or will need to find alternative ways to cut costs to stay alive. We will make it through this. Mr. Airport Shuttle

  • I remember reading about this back when it happened, this is when everyone started to realize how much trouble we were actually in, and whether or not Oilmageddon was going to take part. Thank god the bad of this is already over, hopefully....

  • PLANET OF THE CHIMPS #2: Oil slick spotted 12 miles off.

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