Official calls Fed’s Oil Spill Commission “Damn Liars” — “That’s a dog-and-pony show” (VIDEO)

Oil Spill Blame Game Continues, CNN, October 7, 2010:

COOPER: … In a section of the report they call the boom wars, they write — quote — “President Nungesser deplored the lack of available boom” and that — quote — “directions went out to keep the parishes ‘happy'” — in quotes — “which resulted in operational decisions that may have been politically motivated.”They go on to say it was a — quote — “serious distraction that took time away from responders’ ability to focus on the spill.”

… Do you buy that?


And I’m going to tell you this. We never got the first order of ocean boom. The boom they were putting three miles off the island kept washing up every night. We told them from day one it was useless, but they put it out there as a dog-and-pony show.

The ocean boom that we asked for that our Coast Guard guys that we were told was in charge that he said order the boom for President Nungesser, never got our first foot of boom. So that’s an absolute lie. That’s a dog-and-pony show.

And, as we always said, BP and the Coast Guard are putting their story together to best defend their actions. And, once again, we’re sitting here tonight, still can’t tell you, Anderson, who’s in charge, still don’t know.

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