Toxicologist/Valdez survivor: We saw “things like DISSOLVING of the bone MUSCLES in the face” (VIDEO)

Toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott Interview, Ring of Fire Radio (Mike Papanatonio, Esq.), September 25, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

Dr. Ott: We saw… things like dissolving of the bone muscles in the face, jaw, and cheek.

h/t BPGulfLeak

5 comments to Toxicologist/Valdez survivor: We saw “things like DISSOLVING of the bone MUSCLES in the face” (VIDEO)

  • premurderedGOM

    Your damed right it is leaking. So is large amounts of methane from the well and seafloor. Hence the GOM and eventually the oceans starting with the Atlantic will begin to die. Some have said the BP fiasco will start a chain event leading to extinction. It seems probable at this point.

  • Jessica

    BP has given Florida over $50 Million Dollars in “positive” advertising to get the tourists to come down to visit. The State of Florida owns more than $160 Million Dollars of BP stock. I live on the East Coast of Florida, Palm Beach County, and my jogging/biking days are getting more and more difficult. After my workouts, my “breathing tubes” are getting more and more inflamed. I need to drink a cup of tea/coffee after my workouts to enable myself to breathe easier. I am planning on leaving before November. Florida has been taken over by BP. Do not believe and positive news…things down here are getting worse and worse. I understand and have compassion for those that cannot leave. This is their home. They have a house, job, bills to pay…not everyone can just up and leave. We need to have compassion and pray for those who cannot leave. God Bless You and Yours. I wish everyone Peace.

  • Jessica,

    Thank you for leaving such a wonderful, loving, and empathic message for the people.

  • can't believe it

    Ricki Ott is a sharp shooter. If the Valdez couldn’t kill her, I don’t think BP has a chance. The woman has 9 lives and she’s a great toxicologist. It’s fantastic that so many scientists are on site just because that’s what they’re dedicated to, not for the money!!

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