No one is catching ‘sea bob’ shrimp says employee at Lousiana’s largest shrimp buyer — “No one knows why”

Grand Isle Businesses Battered by BP Oil Disaster, NRDC’s Rocky Kistner, February 5, 2011:

Karen Hopkins of Grand Isle’s Dean Blanchard Seafood, the largest shrimp buyer in Louisiana, says shrimp catches have been cut in half as many boats were unable to trawl through the oil last year. But what’s most worrisome may be what’s to come.

Karen says no one has been catching a popular white shrimp people here call a “sea bob,” usually abundant this time of year. And no one knows why. “Normally we catch 200 to 300 thousand pounds of sea bob in the winter, but this year there’s been none.

12 comments to No one is catching ‘sea bob’ shrimp says employee at Lousiana’s largest shrimp buyer — “No one knows why”

  • No one knows why? I just want to slap these people to stimulate some gray matter. How the hell can they live there, smell the fumes, see the sheen on the water and the oil that still washes ashore and then complain that the shrimp catch is bad? No one should be eating anything from the poisoned Gulf in the first place!!!

    It constantly amazes me that the largest environmental disaster created by humans is just a fuzzy memory for he people who are directly affected by this disaster.

  • Sick. Well they can stick their heads in the Sand, however, a Day of reckoning will come and the sea shall have its fury upon mankind. This is not over.

  • Kelly Ann Thomas:

    Easy goes there!

    Do you realize that one of the symptons of toxic overload in the human system — is mental fogging.

    I certainly hope you don’t have diabetes, because if you do you may experience a bit of ‘fogginess’ yourself; at which point perhaps a *holier-than-thou* may come along and kick you in the teeth — just as you succumb to the chemistries that cause you to become “unclear”.

    Your advancement into a semi-coma state may be treated as if you’re in a ‘drunken state’ by your local police — if you become a bit less than sharp as you drive, ectera.

  • Chelsea

    Well, B&B, once again you beat me to exactly what I wanted to say to another poster. LOL

  • I don’t live on the Gulf, but Florida was my second home. My family left this summer when it was obvious that there was no way to stop the gusher.

    I am more than frustrated by all the people who are in denial. Their denial is making the situation worse. It’s not toxic overload causing foggy thinking (though I know that is a symptom) – oil washing up on the shore, sheen all over the water (and I have taken aerial photographs that show sheen south of the Cayman Islands), and no fish. What the hell? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to figure out that something isn’t right, and yet all of these people who work in the water – fishermen, surfers, and even marine biologists – are surprised that there are no fish, no shrimp, no oysters and they are all sick with strange rashes, blisters, and boils, but no one wants to admit the truth, so they all live in denial. Because they refuse to believe the freaking obvious, they allow BP and the federal government to get away with this genocide. The only way that something will happen is if the people who are directly affected take action. People have a few more options than they are willing to admit.

    A man in Tunisia set himself on fire and two revolutions came about. Back in the US, BP and company create the worst environmental disaster of all time and the response is, “Why are there no more shrimp?”

  • Chelsea

    Kelly Ann, would you care to share your aerial photos with us? We would be interested to see what you saw.

  • Jean

    No one knows why? And scientists are “baffled” because there’s no baby oysters? Come on people, pull your head out of your backside!

  • xdrfox

    I Saw None of the Usual Life There, Only Algae Seems Thriving in the Halifax River Fl. *PICS*
    February 03, 2011 …,_Only_Algae_Seems_Thriving_in_the_Halifax_River_Fl._PICS.html

  • Chelsea,

    Grant has published most of my photos of sheen and streamers taken between Cuba and the Florida Everglades on FOSL.

    I posted the photos of the Cayman Island sheen here:

    The first time I saw oil near Cayman was at the same time of a mysterious fish kill - .

  • matthew

    Tar balls are still washing up and going unreported and untested in panama city a two hour and some minutes drive from pensacola, what gives?

  • No Fog is that Thick. Perhaps, the south is a bit slow?

  • I certainly hope you don’t have diabetes, because if you do you may experience a bit of ‘fogginess’ yourself;

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