Orange Beach: For MONTHS locals complain of illnesses suspected to be from oil/dispersant — Official says “there may be something down there”

Oil dispersant subject of Orange Beach tests; chemist says he found Corexit, Press-register, October 12, 2010:

For months, locals have complained to Orange Beach elected leaders and others about illnesses they suspect could be traced to the spill.

Councilwoman Pattisue Carranza, a pharmacist, has said she believes that more people were getting sick this summer than in summers past.

“I just want people to know that we are aware that there may be something down there,” Carranza said. “Those people that are healthy today may not have a problem ever. They may have a problem in five years, 10 years, 20 years. That’s something we need to keep in the back of our mind when we’re dealing with BP.”

[Mayor Tom] Kennon called her comments “reckless.” “We were testing and worrying about our folks long before you brought this to the forefront,” the mayor told her at last week’s council meeting.

9 comments to Orange Beach: For MONTHS locals complain of illnesses suspected to be from oil/dispersant — Official says “there may be something down there”

  • Robin young

    Kennon is lying he has not been publically concerned at all ….he has blocked any mention or talk of people being sick…for 3 1/2 months we have been trying to talk to him…he has refused to acknowledge it or investigate properly. He even went so far to tell Channel 15 to cut off their cameras in public meetings when it was brought up, told reporters not to mention it even though it took over one city council meeting for an hour and half and in another public meeting told everyone filming to leave or be thrown out….when lawyer wasd mentioned and Sunshine Law he quickly changed his mind at the next meeting……so NO he nor the city has been concerned…they have been hiding it! The only reckless person is Tony Kennon…kudos to Patty Sue for standing up to him.

  • Why are these people — the community leaders, still standing to lie and to deny? Obviously, their concern is not for the welfare of humanity, but for the *welfare* payments BP will gift them with.
    Gratitude stirs such a gifting frenzy.

    It’s obvious to everyone — and everyone has sufficiently strong cognitive skills that those abilities surpass their treachery immediately.

    She’s no match for you guys!

  • premurderedGOM

    When driving ANYWHERE near the beach, the air is ‘different’. Even when its cool, I run the air conditioner. Still get a headache and lethargy that last for about 2 days. We can smell chemicals on our skin, so my family showers right away. I have heard the hydrocarbons break open with the rough waves. Eats the 02 out of the air. Oily substance smears the windshield. Once in a while someone will say “I smell oil”. This happens from Pensacola, Fl to Orange Bch, Gulf Shores, Foley, Al. [about 30-40 min] The oil is still there. The wind brings the fumes. Our home and way of life is over. Our beloved animals are dead or dying and so are we. Stay away from the GOM….

  • Lookingforproof

    Why is anyone waiting for “leaders” to come forward on info? How about as a reporter, spending one day interviewing locals. Ask if they have been affected.If they know anyone has been affected.Um… its not that big of a town.How hard could it be? Seems like a bit of asking around would be more efficient way of gathering information.

  • we all possess the ability to do either good or evil; unfortunately BP has the bucks and clearly a cornered wounded animal will fight for its life even if it help comes from a rescuer. You all R trying to do what is right. Many are. But BP has the right connections to thwart those good intentions. But sadly, in the end every major oil company has lost their credibility with us, Thanks to BP. But I believe it is still possible to resuscitate GOM. But times awasting, and we have BP & our fearless leads to blame for that.

  • All of BP promises comes complete with one simple condition: that you accept a dagger into the back of the brain pan. Any government official willing to play ball with them just might be on someones elses payroll. But only a real investigation will prove that one way or another. God bless the men and women willing to escourt the Truth out into the light of day for the rest of us to behold. I shudder to think of how the next Administrate will be. The cost of these delays have made things worst. The next President maybe force to continue the charade. For Shakespeare wrote,”Delays have dangerous ends”.Probly the only person in England who understand what we are up against.

  • Robin young

    The reporter that wrote this is awful…he suppresses the news when the Mayor tells him…he has had my information and several others that were very sick….he won’t interview us or spend anytime looking….we have had 2 Health forums that he and all the press has failed to attend. Its all about hte tourist dollar not the lives of the residents or the tourists health

  • xdrfox

    Get Blood test folks. people on even the east coast are coming up with over the top levels

    benzene, The m,p xylene is broken down into Hexane, 2 methylpentane, 3-methylpentane, and Isooctane (this one is bad). Hexane definitely related to Corexit. …

  • xdrfox

    Get Blood Test for Petrochemicals

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