It’s Back: “Orange oil” for miles, “a signature image of the spill” returns — BP, Coast Guard not responding say captains (PHOTOS)

Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico, The Times-Picayune, October 22, 2010 at 11:30 p.m. EDT:

… Louisiana fishers Friday found miles-long strings of weathered oil floating toward fragile marshes on the Mississippi River delta. …

Boat captains working the BP clean-up effort said they have been reporting large areas of surface oil off the delta for more than a week but have seen little response from BP or the Coast Guard…

On Friday reports included accounts of strips of the heavily weathered orange oil that became a signature image of the spill during the summer. One captain said some strips were as much as 400 feet wide and a mile long.

The captains did not want to be named for fear of losing their clean-up jobs with BP. …

The Times visually confirmed the reports Friday:

Times-Picayune photojournalist Matt Hinton confirmed the sightings in an over-flight…

The paper noted these reports “gave ammunition to groups that have insisted the government has overstated clean-up progress, and could force reclosure of key fishing areas only recently reopened.”

Photo Gallery here.

8 comments to It’s Back: “Orange oil” for miles, “a signature image of the spill” returns — BP, Coast Guard not responding say captains (PHOTOS)

  • Gary

    Its never going to end
    I need you alive to fight another day
    This is war with BP-the bitch queen-Britain, even our own government.
    The killed to bird with one stone, actually you whole family.

    THE LAND IS WORTH MORE IN $OIL$ than tourism.
    Just think they get your land, they kill you and get your savings
    Its a no lose situation except of course for you.

    GULF WAR II and we have no military this time

  • Dan


    As well we shouldnt have a military, no sense in more of the same. We need to take back our gov`t peacefully by changing our lifestyles and knowing how we want to be lead.

    Overthrowing our government with their own tactics would make us no better then them. Im including a link to what I think is very pertinent reading, please dont take it the wrong way. – Beau Kitselman was way ahead of his time in 1963.

  • Kevin


    Enough !! Enough with the “we have to have a peaceful resolution to all this”.

    They WILL NOT, DO NOT understand nor respond to peaceful actions. Stop bullshitting yourself and others.

    People of the Gulf Region: You are being systematically murdered, you just don’t realize the extent of it yet.

    Go with your gut, lead with your sword. Think the worst is behind you? Brother, it hasn’t even crawled out of the petri dish yet.

    Why the cover ups? Why does BP employ the very people they are killing?

  • Dan


    I just dont agree with you, the only advantage we might have is in numbers, if you can organize without getting stamped out.

    What will make us any better than any other tyrant or control monger if you force to take back your rights where force wasnt used to take them from you in the first place?

    Its all about manipulation, the bigger picture is way more complex then just leading with a sword because a sword isnt going to do squat to the ptb or their lords.

    So, beat them at their own game, dont give them the opportunity to manipulate your free will.

    Going toe to toe with them is exactly what they want, its good for business, hasnt the gulf wars taught you that? Why keep playing into their same old scenario?

    Sorry, war is not the solution. I feel where you are coming from Kevin but brawn is not going to win this fight, imagination will.

  • D. Thomas

    We must establish a legitimate political party that does not allow corporations to call the shots… that is the only way to end Corporate America.

    No President has ever won office without the support of the South. The South is well aware of the atrocities by BP et al. We have power to vote for a true party ‘for the people’- now we just have to create one and find a leader worth following. It can and must be done!

    We are angry but sword slinging will accomplish nothing but a prison sentence- Dan is right, no sense in more of the same. We know how we want to be lead… a leader with the people’s interest above any corporate interest. It won’t be easy but we can do this the right way… nothing worthwhile is ever easy but it must be done right. It’s gonna take more than a little lifestyle change and wishful thinking to undo decades of corporate run government – but it is time to start! We must make something positive happen from this horrific situation or it is just more of the same.


  • The Green Party already does that…
    Read the 10 Key Values…

    Also see:

  • premurderedGOM

    The wind is blowing off the gulf today. It smells like oil……Pensacola, Fl

  • D. Thomas


    I’m not knocking the Green Party [they have great ideas] but I think they fall short on one key issue, they support lobbying reform. Reform is not enough- lobbying needs to end, period. It may seem alright to consider exempting non-profit entities, but we know the corporations will side-step that. It’s an all or nothing game and corporations will always spend more to lobby for their interests. NO LOBBYING ALLOWED!

    Opportunity missed- This is an important election year and there are only 2 Green Party candidates on the Nov ballot in all of the four hardest hit states- there are several from the Tea Party. The Green Party has been around a lot longer than the Tea Party. It’s been 8 months since the oil gusher began… people are angry and screaming for change. I don’t know why but the Green Party missed a golden opportunity here in the South. Like I said, no President has ever won without the vote of the South… I believe we’re in a situation to make serious change – we cannot risk the republican kind of change.

    I support movetoamend- The Supremes made a bad call there! It shows how bad we need to rid Corporate Government- even Obama wasn’t happy with that ruling.

    Anita, I think we would be better served with a party that calls to end lobbying… number one issue! It truly is the best solution to ending this Corporate Nightmare~ the rest would fall into place. Maybe the Green Party needs to re-revamp or just kick it up a hundred notches- either way, I wish you the best of luck for Soil and Water.

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