“Outbreak”: Toxicologist finds “mysterious PERSISTENT rashes” from Louisiana to TAMPA-area — “Some of the oil-eating bacteria have been GENETICALLY MODIFIED” (PHOTOS)

I now think the Great Gulf Experiment is going very badly for humans – Riki Ott, Valdez Survivor & Marine Toxiclogist

Bio-Remediation or Bio-Hazard? Dispersants, Bacteria & Illness in the Gulf, Marine Toxicologist Riki Ott, September 17, 2010:


[A]n outbreak of mysterious persistent rashes from southern Louisiana across to just north of Tampa, Florida, [has occurred] coincident with BP’s oil and chemical release…

(Photo: Sheri Allen)

Sheri Allen in Mobile, Alabama… wrote of red welts and blisters on her legs after “splashing and wading on the shoreline” of Mobile Bay with her two dogs on May 8. … By early July, Allen’s rash had healed, leaving black bruises and scarring. …

Medical doctors are diagnosing skin rashes on Gulf visitors and residents alike as scabies and staph infections, including MRSA… The rashes resist prescribed treatments and often reoccur for months. Normal looking scabies contrasts sharply with the Gulf cases. …

Identity Protected (Riki Ott)

I have heard from Gulf residents and visitors who developed a rash or peeling palms from contact with Gulf water, including such activities as swimming or wading, getting splashed, handling oiled material or dead animals without gloves, and shucking crabs from the recently opened Gulf fisheries. I have also heard from people who developed the same symptoms after contact with Gulf air by wiping an oily film off their airplane’s leading edges after flying over the Gulf (absorbent pad tested positive for oil) or swimming in outdoor pools, or splashing in puddles, after it rained. …

Citing the National Academy of Sciences, a Texas Tech University professor testified in Congress that the chemicals break down cell walls, making organisms (including people) more susceptible to oil. …

I’ve been reading about bacteria, and I now think the Great Gulf Experiment is going very badly for humans. …

[S]ome of the oil-eating bacteria have been genetically modified, or otherwise bio-engineered, to better eat the oil…

Oil-eating bacteria produce bio-films. According to Nurse Schmidt, studies have found that bio-films are rapidly colonized (p. 97) by other Gram-negative bacteria – including those known to infect humans. …

Read the report here.

21 comments to “Outbreak”: Toxicologist finds “mysterious PERSISTENT rashes” from Louisiana to TAMPA-area — “Some of the oil-eating bacteria have been GENETICALLY MODIFIED” (PHOTOS)

  • Fight Corporate Corruption

    Bio-remediation or bio-hazard the article asks. It’s more like Bio-Terrorism brought to you by BP and other oil polluters! Yet another hazard that they have created that is out of control and has the potential to harm al of us.

  • Allison Schmidt, who is quoted in this article, is a team member of the Test The Rain Project. She had been researching the MRSA like infections that are being reported in the Gulf States. If Ali’s conclusions are right we are looking at a bacterial storm that will attack the weaker immune systems. We still need more volunteers to help with our project in testing the rain. TestTheRain.com

  • Edmon

    .I live 25 miles from Gulf Shores, in a rural area north of the beach. I live on two acres and grow chickens to harvest the eggs. My neighbor has lots of livestock, sheep, chickens, ducks, and the such. Having all these animals have always generated lots of flies and other such insects. Which leads to having lots of frogs and lizards which feed on them……..What I am seeing is that we virtually have no flies or frogs or lizards. Even the cursed ‘lovebugs’ are not in full bloom around my place. Our bird population has dropped tremendously. I have a bird feeder that has been filled continuously for years. The birds have gone as has the reptiles. Some of our plants have had a terrible year so far. Our banana trees that are normally 12 foot tall are about 8 foot. Our plants are developing dead leaves and spots.
    Is anyone else experiencing this type of observations???
    My wife is a Bio-Chem student at USA in Mobile and is very knowledgable on chemicals and the such. She is concerned and has a lung condition that has amplified since this all came about. We have 4 young children and her concerns are what this could cause in the developement of our kids. She is very concerned and feels that we should evacuate the area ASAP. Personally, I am scared!!!

  • As you should be. You need to get your family out of harms way. Your air is poisoned and the Earth around you has been poisoned, and — your children are being poisoned.

  • Distracted

    We live up north, close to Tuscaloosa and also have 2 horses, 3 cats and 3 dogs. Earlier this year we had an awful lot of house flies. Always have, here in the country but not anymore. No flies whatsoever. Also noticed a lot of trees dying. Anyone else noticed that? We had plenty of rain and I checked the pines on our land it’s not from pine-beetles. Our crepe myrtles are blooming but a lot of leavesare turning yellow and have black spots on them.

  • Leaves Falling And it Ain't Fall

    Distracted-I’m in North Pensacola. Lots of burnt leaves. Sections, spotted here and there are tall oaks completely dead leaves; the yellowing of kudzu concerns me as I don’t think this happens in a normal state. Notice some crepe myrltes doing the same, some have lost all their leaves, some are blooming. The sycamores I especially notice have the most yellow tinge to their leaves. One sycamore I drive by every day has one side that has turned from yellow to now almost brown in about two weeks.

    Acid rain I would assume from all the chemicals and the hyrdocarbons from the spill. Evaporate into the atmosphere
    and back down on us. Just wonderful!

  • Jean

    I’ve noticed some trees in Tallahassee that are dying–a large live oak with mostly brown leaves, sweet gums with yellow leaves and black spots, vines turning brown, ornamental ground plants with red spots on the leaves. It’s been dry lately, but this was happening over a month ago when there was plenty of rainfall.

  • Michael Hansen

    Trees eat a lot of Co2 and if it is replaced by VOCS or a fair amount of it is the trees would probably turn yellow.

    I honestly cannot understand why anyone who lives down there is screwing around with “should we leave or not” Like experimenting with your lives?

    I am sorry but dumbed down doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    I demand Obamas resignation!!!

  • This is only the beginning of things to come.
    It is down hill the rest of the way.
    The system is on fast forward and will not slow down until 4/5 of all people are dead.
    Sounds like those old Hebrew prophets really knew what the were writing about to me.
    If you want to see what the end will be it’s not very prertty but it will come ready or not.
    There is only one place that I know that can show you the truth about the world you are now living in.
    Should you have the courage to face it.
    Come see for yourself.


    See you on the other side my friend.


  • sam

    Wow, i just came to make a comment about the GM bacteria, but these comments have me stunned. I had heard talk earlier in the summer of fewer insects, especially in the La marshlands, but this is just mindblowing. If i were in charge of CNN, Anderson Cooper would have never left the Gulf.

    I just wanted to say, FOSL had some video of a green substance being sprayed at the well head, just like Corexit had been.

    I just bet that green spray was the GM bacteria. Maybe it’s related to the sores on people and even the weird not-algae stuff that’s being seen lately.

    God Bless.

  • curious

    This summer a lot of leaves as far north as Virginia had strange burn marks, discoloration, and holes about the size and positioning of where you would find raindrops. I’ve never seen anything like it on every species of tree and bush in some parts of unpolluted state parks. It honestly shocked me. I also noticed that some of my plants that I had outdoors on the deck got a little rain and had similar damage. Now I’m keeping them out of the rain!!! So, what is this doing to our food supply?

  • curious

    The leaves looked so bad — it’s what I would visually describe as “cancerous.” I checked the rest of the tree, root and trunk-wise. These were otherwise healthy plants that are reacting to some kind of topical application to the exterior exposed part of the leaves…it is SCARY.

  • Always check your bird baths, for mosquitoe larvea. There has not ben ANY, in the one in my yard, for the whole season! And, is only filled by rainwater.

  • Debra W.

    I live in Southern TN, near the AL state line. We had a tiny sprinkle of rain several weeks ago that burned my arms. Just a few drops fell and the cloud went on by. I ran inside to shower. When I came back outside, the clear coating on my vehicles had small dots that had ‘melted’ through. Just like the small raindrops that burned my skin.

  • TSGordon

    Is Dr. Ott associated with Barefoot Doctors, or an actual clinic that she might recommend the region’s victims could visit?

  • Surf mama

    I am on the east coast of Central Florida and my daughter has developed the sores as well. Diagnosed as MRSA. In fact alot of people here have. We also have the same symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, muscle aches, rashes, persistent cough, sneezing, nose bleeds, burning nose, and so on. The beach and rivers have been affected since May. Our trees and plants have been badly damaged. Bees disappeared, squirrels falling out of trees due to weak limbs, peacocks plucking out feathers. We are moving North and I recommend everyone who can, should leave immediately. Evil wins when Gods people stand back and do nothing!!! Wake up!!! We have all been poisoned….from the Gulf to the East Coast!!

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Hi, and greetings from Wakulla County, Florida. We are eight miles from the Gulf. Our banana bushes and dogwoods all have pinholes in the leaves and white powder on them. The cars have pin point raised black dots on them after it rains. Pine trees have been shedding needles since June (NOT normal for longleaf to shed that early). There were no Chuck-Wills-Widows singing in the night this summer as is normal. There are few mosquitoes and fewer flies. We have a surfeit of HUGE grasshoppers. The garden bloomed but produced NOTHING. Weird, weird year. That and a summer of sinus, ear, and bronchial infections for me. We are OUTTA here.

  • Patricia D Jenkins

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