“Every person I was dealing with was sick” says outreach volunteer in Grand Isle — “People that are living there, heaven help them”

Is the Gulf of Mexico safe?, Dahr Jamail, November 4, 2010:

Susan Price is a small business owner who lives in Chauvin, Louisiana. While volunteering for a community outreach program in Grand Isle, Louisiana in late August, Price became ill.

“When I drove over the bridge to Grand Isle, I felt heavy exposure to chemicals,” Price told Al Jazeera. “My nose instantly clogged, I began to cough, my throat hurt, my voice became instantly hoarse, and my tongue felt and tasted like I’d licked a battery.”

A return trip to the island a short while later brought her symptoms back, so Price saw a doctor.

“I was diagnosed with pneuminitis, which is an inflammation of the lungs that the doctor told me is caused by inhalation of chemicals,” Price said. “He gave me an inhaler and pumped me up with antibiotics, but I’m still sick.”

Furthermore, Price said that while she was engaged in her community outreach work on Grand Isle, “every person I was dealing with was sick and had the same symptoms I did. Those people that are living there, heaven help them”.

8 comments to “Every person I was dealing with was sick” says outreach volunteer in Grand Isle — “People that are living there, heaven help them”

  • C.Dodds

    It is difficult to understand why the government of USA and BP are not helping those gulf residents who are in need. It would be more understandable, although despicable, if it was in a third world country. To place people’s lives as less important than money or votes is an act of cowardice, and maybe terrorism.

  • Jennifer68

    Because if our government helps the gulf coast residents, then they have to admit there is a problem, and admitting there is a problem makes them implicit in the cover up they’ve been participating in. There is no way they don’t know what is happening. They just want to act like nothing is happening to lessen their liability. However, it will all come out in the end. I just wonder how many lives will be lost and ruined in the process.

  • Daniel Hughes

    Terrorism is a good term, C.Dodds. Genocide also comes to mind.

  • Billy Dale

    Jennifer68—> you totally nailed it.

  • Dixie

    C.Dodds. If you would do your research then you would have your answers. I am sick to death of people wringing their hands and thinking government would NEVER allow this or that to happen to WE the people! Get off your rear end and research history! This has been happening for thousands of years! In fairness I was a sheeple until I decided to start looking into things and connecting dots. When I saw the dots connecting I never went back. We cannot continue to put our heads in the sand. If you do, our kids have NO chance of survival! Yeah it stinks but it IS the truth!

  • C.Dodds

    History, as you suggest, demonstrates the selfishness of many leaders. What is very unusual in this case is that there is no or little response from the sheeple, although in this country they are educated and have laws which should be capable of bringing culprits to justice. There may be a secret government, an illuminati, or a group of satanists ruling the country, but I am inclined to think the conspiracy theorists are exaggerating their claims and that there are sufficient good folk around to expose and oppose any filthy leadership.

  • nosilverspoon

    Conspiracy theorists exaggerating? Is Gerald Celente exaggerating? How about Matt Simmons? You speak of things that don’t exist and never have. Justice? For who? Why the whole USA is nothing more than a giant fuking Ponzi scheme at our expense! Don’t you see it?

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