P2S Foreman: Two people from my cleanup crew have died in last two months (VIDEO)

…

BP gives Feinberg a raise of almost 50% (VIDEO)

Feinberg’s Raise Still Angers Oil Spill Victims, WKRG, March 28, 2011 … Read more >>

BP report shows it spilled less oil in 2010 than in 2008

March 28, 2011 …

Dead sea turtles washing up on beaches near spring breakers — “Water looks like chicken broth” (PHOTOS)

Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents, Huffington Post, March 29, 2011 … Read more >>

Physician treating oil cleanup workers: “These people, they are going to die… I’m telling you, we are going to lose patients”

Searching for treatment, the symptoms rage on, Tri-Parish Times, March 28, 2011: … Read more >>

Endangered 45-ton whale washes up on Virginia coast (VIDEO)

Dead whale washes ashore in Sandbridge, WAVY, March 27, 2011 … Read more >>

Feds investigating Nungesser for events in 2007, subpoenas issued

Feds probe post-Katrina work in Plaquemines Parish, Associated Press, March 25, 2011 … Read more >>

EPA ship just beginning to monitor Gulf for oil, results could take a year — Florida Keys, Miami and Atlantic Coast next

Vessel will set sail today after testing for Gulf oil, Pensacola News Journal, March 28, 2011 … Read more >>

6 dead dolphins found in Massachusetts — “Only recently weaned from their mothers”

The harbor porpoises that were found were yearlings that were underweight … Read more >>

“Very unusual” fish kill says Gulf State Park spokesman — “They’re all over, dead and we don’t know why” (VIDEO)

“Something is happening out here. It frightens me it frightens me as a resident. We finally got people on the beach and I don’t want our sea life dying.” – Resident … Read more >>

BP confident things are safe “in the short term”… Long term health problems? Not so sure

Relax. The water is safe, says BP representative (VIDEO) , NW Florida Daily News, March 23, 2011: … Read more >>

“Gruesome discovery along the beaches of Gulf Shores” Alabama (VIDEO)

“A three-mile stretch of beach” …

MSNBC: “From oil plumes to dead zones in the Gulf” (VIDEO)

…

Wilma Subra wins Human Rights Award

KATC, March 23, 2011 …

“Gag order” issued in dolphin death investigation — “It throws accountability right out the window” says biologist

Government tightens lid on dolphin death probe, Reuters, March 25, 2011 at 12:16 pm EDT … Read more >>

Thousands dead in Jacksonville fish kill — “Blood cells burst when tainted water is sucked into their gills”

‘Golden algae’ is cause of Hanna Park fish deaths, Florida Times-Union, March 23, 2011 … Read more >>

Relax says BP: It’s safe to touch “non-toxic” tar balls — Seafood is most safe in the world… who cares what medical professionals say (VIDEO)

What do you say to the medical professionals who have come out and said otherwise? -Reporter … Read more >>

“Slick is exponentially larger and may cover more than 100 square mile” according to satellite imagery (VIDEO)

New Oil Slick in Coastal Louisiana, KATC, March 23, 2011 … Read more >>

Coast Guard confused about THREE different areas of “suspicious water”

Coast Guard checks out dark-stained water in Chandeleur Sound, Times Picayune, March 24, 2011 … Read more >>

“Mysterious” oil came from a “well-capping went out of control” says state official — Coast Guard and BOEMRE still not sure where it came from

“I think right now, it remains a mystery” – BOEMRE director … Read more >>

NBC reports on oil in the Gulf — Large areas of water covered, up to 100 miles long says fisherman (VIDEO)

Fresh oil hits Louisiana Coast, NBC, March 22, 2011 … Read more >>

Kids feeling impact of oil spill… and situation is getting worse (VIDEO)

WKRG, March 21, 2011 …

MORE: “New swaths of what could be fresh surface oil have popped up on the other side of the Mississippi River”

“Streaky plumes over a 20-mile stretch from just east of Quarantine Bay to just west of the shoal remains of Curlew Island” … Read more >>

Official: It’s the “peanut-buttery substance workers grew accustomed to seeing at the height of the Deepwater incident”

Gulf sheen could be BP spill remnants, Daily Comet, March 22, 2011 at 6:17 pm EDT … Read more >>

Coast Guard: This is definitely crude from the Gulf

Wall Street Journal, March 22, 2011 at 5:22 pm EDT … Read more >>

Physician on Corexit: Ethylene glycol is antifreeze, Methanol is wood alcohol — 10 CCs blinds you, 30 CCs kills you

Louisiana doctor suspects patients’ ill health caused by spill, WWL, March 22, 2011 at 9:13 am EDT … Read more >>

Physician: I’ve seen 40 patients with oil spill-related ailments

Local doctor stresses spill’s health impact, Daily Comet, March 22, 2011 at 12:37 pm EDT … Read more >>

Significant increase in crystal meth abuse because of oil disaster: Baldwin County Sherriff

Spill affecting crime, mental health, Fox 10 WALA, March 22, 2011 at 11:54 am EDT … Read more >>

Flyover witness: “Smell of petroleum was thick in the air” above giant plumes — Coast Guard says sediment from dredging

“They could smell it from the airplane and I could smell it from the boat. This wasn’t just Mississippi River mud.” … Read more >>

Coast Guard puzzled by source of 30-mile stretch of oil

Oil spill response workers under the direction of the U.S. Coast Guard and state officials were scrambling to block more of the material from coming ashore. … Read more >>