Washington Post: 20 mile plume ‘east of leak’; ‘Has not reached Florida’

“In the discovery described Thursday, scientists aboard a University of South Florida research vessel … Read more >>

Scientist wonder if underwater plumes to surface

Warning! Latest informati0n on the discovery of undersea plumes:

Excerpts from the Miami Herald:

…

State of Florida directs Gulf County to “terminate” oil spill litigation agreement with law firm

Excerpts from the Walton Sun:

Gulf County has rescinded its oil spill litigation agreement … Read more >>

Miami Herald: Charter-boat company sues BP, contending perception of oil caused lost business

Captain Duck is suing British Petroleum, saying the oil company giant is responsible for … Read more >>

Seattle Times: Dangers lurk deep for all ocean creatures from oil


The millions of gallons of oil moving about under water have the potential … Read more >>

Miami Herald: BP seeks oil-tested judge on lawsuits

Excerpts from the Miami Herald:

Facing some 100 lawsuits after its Gulf of Mexico … Read more >>

FIT Professor: America’s most diverse estuary “at risk” if oil reaches Florida’s East Coast

The Indian River Lagoon, “the most biologically diverse estuary in North America,” straddles 156 … Read more >>

Indirect hit from hurricane could bring oil into Florida’s estuaries and lagoons

Today, Jeff Masters, a founder of Weather Underground and former hurricane hunter, shared his … Read more >>

CNN: Gulf’s $234 billion economy at risk

Excerpts from CNN Money:

Tourism is the second largest industry in the Gulf, and … Read more >>

AP: Oil Plume Significantly Darker; Expert Says That Means Heavier, More-polluting Oil

CBS News:

The underwater plume [is] getting significantly darker. A top oil engineering expert … Read more >>

Keys fishing crew reports tar-coated shrimp, gear

The Naples Daily News reported May 24, 2010, “About 12 miles north of Dry … Read more >>