“Human race survives methane plume, for now” — May take 400 years to be clear on how methane affected Gulf says professor

Human race survives methane plume, for now, Yale Daily News, November 10, 2010:

[T]he environmental school director of communications David Defusco said that the methane plume has gone largely unnoticed by the press…

[John Kessler, assistant oceanography professor at Texas A&M University] said he is hesitant to predict doomsday and instead is focusing on the methane plume’s current behavior. …

[I]t will not be clear for many — perhaps even 400 — years how methane will affect the aquatic environment, [Texas A&M University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies professor Peter Raymond] said.

“I think we’re kind of holding our breath,” he said.

4 comments to “Human race survives methane plume, for now” — May take 400 years to be clear on how methane affected Gulf says professor

  • Sounds like they’re ready to embrace the ‘carbon tax’ thing-a-ma-jig — again.

    The Earth has always had methane gas and it will always have methane gas: We are not responsible for it. BP is responsible for creating the circumstances whereby the Earth *was* so violently penetrated — that the volumes of gas expressed from the wound is beyond natural, but not newly created.

  • Yes, the human race has survived, “for now”.

    GOV Inc. says the Gulf is fine but it is not! There was a summer of poisoning along the Gulf of Mexico and it continues to spread with contaminated Gulf seafood and plumes; most likely seafood outside the Gulf is contaminated as well. ‘We the People’ are not our government’s number one priority. The Gulf of Mexico was sprayed with a toxin than plainly says, “Do not contaminate surface water”.
    There are many things when considered individually seem rational, but when these things are considered collectively, they give an entirely suspicious sensation. Please read and share the facts:

  • C.Dodds

    If you are a scientist or a trained researcher interested in oil gush threats to health, I would like to hear more facts and figures from you.

    Some people think the situation is not too bad because what people are saying lacks the support of relevant intelligently collected statistics.

    Have you been offered bribes by BP? Lets hear about that too. America was built on the courage of pioneers and brave soldiers. Surely you would have the guts just to speak up if things are that bad.

  • Guess what!!!

    I think BP and our nuclear industry may be in an ‘alpha power & alpha energy’ struggle: Each wants to be the “ALPHA” but there is only one platform at the top-of-the-ladder. Who wins? The one least dirty? The one least dirty and for the shortest period of time?

    What BP has done to the GOM is precisely what our nuclear industry is capable of doing. They’re like dirty rats, but — we need at least one of the dirty rats to be available to us, in order that we continue to enjoy the conveniences of our toasters, micro-ovens, computers, tvs….

    I found the following at (from AP): [www.theintelhub.com/2010/11/08/nuclear-power-plant-in-new-york-and-vermont]:

    “…the nuclear industry is seeking and obtaining federal license renewals, casting itself as a clean-green alternative to power plants that burn fossil fuel.”

    Is it odd that where BP has recently experienced it’s apocalypse, the nuclear industry is under threat — almost daily — of mishaps ocurring at the Vermont Yankee power plant, or/and the Indian Point power plant in NYC.

    Are the competitors irrational?

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