Particles to cross Atlantic and reach Europe: Swedish official

Monitors detect low radioactivity heading towards North America, Reuters, March 17, 2011 at 5:54 am EST:

Low concentrations of radioactive particles are heading eastwards from Japan’s disaster-hit nuclear power plant and are set to reach North America in days, a Swedish official said on Thursday. …

Stressing that the levels were not dangerous for people, he predicted the particles would continue across the Atlantic and eventually also reach Europe. …

He said he was convinced it would eventually be detected over the whole northern hemisphere.

Read the report here.

2 comments to Particles to cross Atlantic and reach Europe: Swedish official

  • Yah, that happened also with Chernobyl. I happened to be in the USA back then (I’m European) and I recall that there was some concern about that.

    However in the Chernobyl case, the radioactive cloud went mostly over Canada and in any case the really affected area was Europe, much of which had restrictions in exporting food such as milk for a while. Of course the worst was around Chernobyl itself, in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, where maybe up to 200,000 people have been killed in the mid-run by Chernobyl’s effects.

    And it’s not something definitively solved anyhow. Even if many people sacrificed their lives to build that sarcophagus, it has worn of with time and a new one is required – however there are budgetary constrains and the issue remains unsolved as far as I know.

    Chernobyl (and now Fukushima too) will be there to haunt generation after generation for millennia. Even if we stop right now nuclear power altogether on Earth, the accumulated problems in form of radioactive residue are so huge that will haunt humankind for long. The best solution might be to send them to the Sun (or outer space in general, far away from Earth’s orbit) but it’s costly. The other alternative is to recycle some deep mine in a remote and geologically stable place and bury them there. But it must be done and nobody wants a nuclear cemetery where they live.

  • xdrfox

    Report on a few station this week doing stories about Chernobyl, some going there for story and was said over 1 million have died from affects in 25 years since it happened.

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