Florida man gets tested: Six of nine VOCs in blood — Hexane “off the charts” (VIDEO & LAB RESULTS)

Effects on Humans: n-Hexane is a narcotic agent… and a neurotoxin  – OSHA

Gregg Hall aka PcolaGregg Tests Positive For Gulf Oil Spill Toxins, September 14,2010:

Transcript Summary

I just got it this morning.

Michelle Nix set-up the testing through Metametrix in Duluth, Georgia.

The blood work tested positive for:

  • Ethylbenzene
  • Xylene
  • Hexane was “off the charts”
  • 2-methylpentane [a structural isomer of hexane1]
  • 3-methylpentane [a structural isomer of hexane2]
  • IsoOctane

Those are 6 out of the 9 Volatile Organic Compounds they tested for…

The hexane was over their testing limits… They only test to 200 and I was over that.

See Gregg Hall’s report here.

NOTE: Anyone who cares to help support Mr. Hall’s reporting can do so by making a donation at http://PcolaGregg.com

Blood Test: Gregg Hall (or Pensacola Gregg)

To better make sense of the blurry screenshot above, see Filmmaker Jerry Cope’s lab results from Metametrix:

Jeery Cope blood test (Huffington Post)

Gregg Hall aka PcolaGregg Tests Positive For Gulf Oil Spill Toxins

17 comments to Florida man gets tested: Six of nine VOCs in blood — Hexane “off the charts” (VIDEO & LAB RESULTS)

  • Greg,

    Any compensation to you should come from British Petroleum, and immediately.

    Most of us cannot and should not donate; we can never be certain who you are or what your intentions are.

    Remember what FEMA/ARC did with our donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Most of it disappeared — and the victims got to live in freshly built shantys reeking with formaldehyde.

    Many are still there.

  • BiscuitAndButter,

    You are of course entitled to your opinion and I agree with most of what you said, EXCEPT the part about my intentions.

    Anyone who has followed what I have done or cares to take the time to watch the videos I have put up over the last months can see that ALL I have attempted to do is give the public the REAL TRUTH where it has been completely absent from the MSM and our government.


  • whaaa?

    Mr. Hall, you look GREAT for someone with that level of exposure…NOW you need to detox asap. PLEASE contact toxicologists in environmental medicine who can help you!!

    AND WEAR A RESPIRATOR!!! GET A HEPA FILTER WITH A CARBON VOC FILTER, if you cannot run for your life!

  • whaaa?

    You know if everyone with any sense down there starting wearing a respirator with eye goggles (like they have to do in some horribly polluted Chernobyl-style Third World countries), it would really SEND A MESSAGE! (not to mention protect your health!!) They can blackout media, but they can’t tell you not to protect your health.

    p.s. Please don’t EVER touch crude! I saw you walking barefoot–don’t do it!!!

  • this is going to look like the scenes coming out of russia where everyone was wearing breathing apparatus’

  • premurderedGOM

    Chemical Posioning always starts with fatigue, other symptoms occur as the body absorbs the toxins into tissues. Gradually the organs start showing signs of stress in the forms of cancer or other significant illness. Western trained Doctors are clueless on this matter. There is plenty you can do on your own. Gregg, if you are reading this, there is plenty you can do. First, stop all meat consumption. Eat organic only foods. Flood your system with organic only fruit juices, 3-6 glasses a day. Drink good bottled water only, or distilled. Smartwater is distilled. Then go here… http://essiacinfo.org/ http://health-search.com/essiac.html Learn as much as you can about Rene Cassie and the Essiac detox. [Ignore any warnings from the feds]. Immediately start taking Chlorella, the best you can afford. It binds with the metals and helps remove them. The Vitamin Shoppe on 9th sells these products. I have been in the medical field long enough to know that you are on your own when it comes to toxic buildup. I will look for your post on GLP. Godspeed……

  • Kat

    It would be helpful if you posted exactly what tests to get and where the public can get them. I’m in Houston and would like to know how my body is doing and if I should be concerned.

  • Sherry

    I’m from the Louisiana Gulf and would like to know how and what blood tests should be asked for?

  • Edmon

    .I live 25 miles from Gulf Shores, in a rural area north of the beach. I live on two acres and grow chickens to harvest the eggs. My neighbor has lots of livestock, sheep, chickens, ducks, and the such. Having all these animals have always generated lots of flies and other such insects. Which leads to having lots of frogs and lizards which feed on them……..What I am seeing is that we virtually have no flies or frogs or lizards. Even our bird population has dropped tremendously. I have a bird feeder that has been filled continuously for years. The birds have gone as has the reptiles. Some of our plants have had a terrible year so far. Our banana trees that are normally 12 foot tall are about 8 foot. Our plants are developing dead leaves and spots.
    Is anyone else experiencing this type of observations???
    My wife is a Bio-Chem student at USA in Mobile and is very knowledgable on chemicals and the such. She is concerned and has a lung condition that has amplified since this all came about. We have 4 young children and her concerns are what this could cause in the developement of our kids. She is very concerned and feels that we should evacuate the area ASAP. Personally, I am scared!!!

  • here is a possible treatment.1.IODINE,mineral 0 to 150mcg.2.selenium,mineral,100 to 4000mcg,if low selenium area 50 to 200mcg.3. vitamin K.4. ZINC.5. TREATMENT BRONCHITIS,beta-carotene-50,000iu.vitamin A 20,000 iu bid for one month,then reduce to 15,000iu qd.VITAMIN E-400 iu bid,zinc lozenges 1 to 15mg taken 5 times a day…

  • robert rowan

    What bothers me most that the Gulf coasters are being lied to about the affectiveness of a respirator. The volatile gases from corexit contain benzine…that gas enters thru your skin!.
    The respirators look cool, but virtually ineffective against those volatile gases.
    The Gulf coast is toast for years to come.
    Remember…the average age of the Exxon Valdez workers lifespan – a mere 52 years!

  • The respirators will protect the lungs to a large degree. I’d use them myself if I had to go outside. And yes, the skin breathes as well, but not as efficiently as the lungs.

    I wish a chemist would post information concerning the breakdown of toxic gases and what becomes of it once it is absorbed into the skin, and what happens to it after it enters the vascular system. At what point has your body finished its work of repairing the damage, if it can, after small, infrequent doses)?

  • Marilynn

    Far infra-red sauna will help detox. You might also try ionizing foot baths. I did a series of them a couple of years ago to good effect and saw intriguing changes to the water in the course of a year. It would be interesting to see what comes out through the feet of someone exposed to the crude oil and Corexit toxins.

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