I am “physically sick” from “oil and dispersant” says fisherman

Gulf oil workers relieved but wary as drill ban ends, Reuters, October 13, 2010:

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi…

“I am sick. Physically sick from this oil and dispersant in our waters,” said a fishermen who calls himself “Catfish Charlie” and regularly attends public meetings on the spill.

Read the report here.

6 comments to I am “physically sick” from “oil and dispersant” says fisherman

  • premurderedGOM

    I am truly sorry that your your fellow americans don’t give a rats ass about anyone but themselves….

  • ghana

    Hear, hear premurderedGOM!

    For those of you here that are unfamiliar with Phoenix Rising in the Gulf please do yourselves a favor and visit the website to get a better understanding on what happened and what’s happenng now. The gusher continues to pour oil out of it and they continue to disperse it at 5000 ft! Now we know what the FEMA coffins are for, don’t we?

  • Corexit spraying is illegal

    Premurdered, You have got to get out of there…The toxins can bring you down mentally, too… Not your fault, of course!! A lot of people DO care. Matt Simmons sure did, as did several other insiders who said too much and risked everything–not just their jobs or some time and money…I hate to say it, but you all need to look out for yourselves in that region. Take responsibility and initiative. Pack it up–don’t wait to see if you feel better!

  • Corexit spraying is illegal

    And when people TRY to help you-stop ignoring them!!

  • premurderedGOM,

    You were a strong voice here before. You kept urging people to leave the areas where the oil was claiming their health, and now you’re staying yourself — not leaving as you said you were.

    All that I can do is ‘sigh’.

  • Gary

    I said day 3 this is Gulf War II and get out.
    You are being genocided people.
    They are taking your houses and your money.
    OH! much less your life and your families

    Now bow to the queen fools-BP British Petroleum, beg Hayworth for forgiveness

    People you everything to the queen.
    Its 1814 all over again but YOU lost

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