Physician: I’ve seen 40 patients with oil spill-related ailments

Local doctor stresses spill’s health impact, Daily Comet, March 22, 2011 at 12:37 pm EDT:

Dr. Mike Robichaux of Raceland appealed to members of the Capitol media to pay more attention to health concerns that coastal residents, first responders and rig workers are attributing to last year’s oil spill.

A practicing ear, nose and throat physician, Robichaux led the Baton Rouge Press Club through roughly a half dozen case studies that highlighted his patients’ ailments and afflictions: a 3-year-old with blotchy skin, a relief worker who lost his sight and others.

“This is happening to hundreds and hundreds of people,” said Robichaux, a former state senator. …

Robichaux said he has personally seen 40 patients with what he deems oil spill-related ailments since the spill. …

Read the report here.

2 comments to Physician: I’ve seen 40 patients with oil spill-related ailments

  • xdrfox

    Dr. Mike Robichaux,
    We can not thank you enough for treating and coming forward with your knowledge of the Ill’s from our Gulf People ! The Gov. medical system needs to get ahead this !

  • I think right now almost everywhere on the world healthcare systems are more sick than people, i think some wisest people of this world should prepare some changes and try to enter them.

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