Physician Speaks About Growing Health Concerns in Wake of BP Oil Disaster (VIDEO)

Dr. Michael Robichaux Speaks About Growing Health Concerns In The Wake Of BP Oil Disaster, LEAN, March 22, 2011:

… Since the BP disaster began we have been receiving an unsettling number of calls from people dealing with unusual health problems. Dr. Robicheaux is an old friend and ally and we feel extremely grateful that he has enthusiastically stepped forward to help these sick Gulf Coast citizens who have had difficulties finding help elsewhere.

We encourage you to watch the video of Dr. Robicheaux’s speech about what seems to be a growing health crisis in our Gulf Coast communities.

Dr. Michael Robichaux – Baton Rouge Press Club Press Conference from Blackbird Media on Vimeo.

2 comments to Physician Speaks About Growing Health Concerns in Wake of BP Oil Disaster (VIDEO)

  • JEC

    Sounds like the Japanese government is going to do more for the people affected by their disaster:
    “As to the government’s role, Edano promised that it will act to help those whose incomes, health or lives have been affected, directly or indirectly, by the nuclear disaster.”
    Maybe someone HERE should take note of what a government is supposed to do to help their citizens.

  • xdrfox

    China takes care of their people too. The recent freeze where a million and a half had to be moved, supplied homes and every thing they needed, Look at each time there is a flood, earthquake, Typhoon’s, they take care of their own, that last oil spill they had, these people risk their necks to save others and some die trying. I see remarkable things of hope and endeavors by country’s and their people globally. And I have seen this last year, and ongoing nightmare with a government with a blind eye and ear ! They STILL CAN’T even take care of their soldiers returning !

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