Plan to use inmates for oil spill cleanup in Miami-Dade heard by commissioners

M-D May Use Inmates If Oil Spill Reaches County, CBS4 Miami, June 15, 2010:

Tuesday, the Miami-Dade County Commission will hear a proposal on how to deal with the oil if it gets to Miami.

Commissioners will hear a resolution from Sally A. Heyman that will authorize the mayor to put together a plan to use inmates to help with any possible oil cleanup.

The plan calls for the county to use eligible inmates to be used to “rehabilitate” the shoreline if any oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico reaches the coast of Miami-Dade County.

4 comments to Plan to use inmates for oil spill cleanup in Miami-Dade heard by commissioners

  • inmate

    With unemployment so high, why is Miami Dade trying to use inmates to clean up when BP say they will pay for the clean up effort? Which politician is getting a kick back for trying to bring this up? I think it is a bad idea when there are so many people looking for jobs. We already pay tax to house inmates, we do not need them taking our jobs and giving inmates to fatten the systems pockets. If you have a criminal record most clean up companies won’t even hire you, this is a triple standard BS.

  • gayle

    wasn’t this van jones idea? or one of those radical anti american czuzrs..? hmmm
    while the hard working people of the gulf suffer the insult of loosing thier careers and industires, the gov’t is planning on using CRIMINALS to do the work.. REDISTRIBUTION OF WEATH FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE.. OPEN YOUR EYES AND THINK ABOUT… THE 20 BILLION THAT OBAMAS ”AGENTS” WILL HAVE CONTROL OF …DON’T YOU THINK THE PEOPLE OF THE GULF SHOULD GET THOSE JOBS? AND THE MONEY?

  • criminal

    Hope the oil spill reach to Miami because this will be a great opportunity to start smuggling again and have my point man on the beach from the Miami Dade Jail system.

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