Giant oil plume appears to have climbed into shallower waters of continental shelf (VIDEO)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute published the following labeled image, that clearly shows the plume making its way up the continental shelf:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Audio: Giant Oil Plume Found Below Surface Of Gulf, Morning Edition on NPR, August 20, 2010

36 comments to Giant oil plume appears to have climbed into shallower waters of continental shelf (VIDEO)

  • Daniel Hughes

    Wait till it climbs onto the beaches of the Gulf States. Maybe then America will wake up and BP will get what is coming to them.

  • Revolution is the Solution!

  • premurderedGOM

    “BP will get what’s coming to them”? Reality check here. Obama made 84 million dollars off this disaster. And his buddies made much more. Warren Buffett bought Nalco [corexit] 1 year before the spill. That”s just for starters. The average American dumbass is alive and well. Ever hear of Agenda 21? Didn’t think so…..

  • Daniel Hughes

    Perhaps it’s time for the people of this nation to implement an “Agenda 22”, if you take my meaning. If this Gulf disaster doesn’t motivate people to resist tyranny, punish corruption and psychopathic corporate greed and devestation, and rise against the “enemies domestic” which are mentioned in the Constitution, then I suppose nothing will.

    The Gulf is already lost. You’re probably right, premurdered. We should all just give up, surrender to the inexorable tide of slavery and mind-killing mediocrity, and go to the nearest Federal Government office (or corporate office, since there is no difference now) to be be fitted for our chains … or coffin, as the case may be.

    But I hope that isn’t what will happen. I think we have till the end of this year, or at latest the middle of 2011, to stand up and fight back, or it’s over.

    (And I still think that an oil plume on the shores of FL or AL, MS or LA will be very bad for the health of any BP executive who may happen to be in the region at the same time. But perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.)

  • Canuck

    I’m thinking it won’t motivate many. The media is too effective, people are too wrapped up in their own troubles and struggles to look at the bigger picture.

    Frustrating, but that’s the culture of contentment for you. It isn’t just material contentment, it’s spritiual contentment at any cost.


    Isn’t this why our own companies and banks threw us into a recession? Because no one pays attention to anything but how much their lives are complete shit during these times. Everyone will buy AMPM gas because its cheap anyways. It’s always about the guy in charge making him and his buddies as much money they can get their greedy ass hands on. We are already in chains.

  • Daniel Hughes

    Good point, Canuck.

    Americans, myself included, are so overworked, underpaid, and in thrall to the banksters that no one is willing to stir for fear of losing all.

    But that’s an indication of where the problem is. We are in prison of our own making, in our own mind, because we just have to have our stuff and our conveniences. A willingness to let that go, if only for a time, is the path to freedom of thought and action, which in turn is the only path to the strength of will and moral outrage required for revolution and payback to scum like BP.

    Maybe there is still a chance that some flash event or combination of events will be the spark to light the pile, but I doubt it. Where I live, in metro Atlanta, practically everyone I know or observe is a zombie, struggling to survive like myself.

    A significant number of people have to wake up very soon, or it’s over. I’m sure that if Gulf residents rose in arms against their oppressors (figuratively or literally), the remainder of the nation would support them in whatever capacity was necessary.

    But I’m just ranting and foaming at the mouth now and wasting valuable bits on this webpage. Good luck in these end times, Canuck. If we meet in the field, we’ll shake hands.

  • Daniel Hughes

    Shake hands and have a beer, eh? I should have said. (And by the way, thanks again for Rush – saw them Wednesday in Alpharetta, GA. Oh, Canada!)

  • Daniel Hughes


    You are right. We are in chains, but the strongest ones are voluntary. What if we stop cooperating? Time to disobey…

  • RUSH! Whoa yeah!

    Yeah, but beyond that, we’re totally boned.

  • Daniel Hughes,

    You said “Maybe there is still a chance event or combination of events that will be the spark to light the pile.” I gasped.

    Not of shock, but from a sacred moment that was thrust from my spirit. It was a great feeling, even as my thought was small. My heart leapt with the thought of having the right to grow a small garden, you know, just food for myself and to share.

    It’s against the law in most places to grow an acre garden, or any garden at all, depending on the district and county where you live.

    I can’t wait for the day when the new and pending laws that state you cannot grow your own food — are repealed.

    What a happy thought!!!

  • Canuck

    It saddens me no end but it isn’t going to get better. Read up on S. 510
    And it sickens me that people can’t grow more than an acre of garden. Michelle Obama’s garden is 2.5 acres. Yet citizens get arrested for growing 2 acres. Wasn’t long ago growing a garden was a matter of survival but I guess the corporate grocers don’t like people being self sufficient.

    That would be awesome. But I’ll bring the beer LOL! :cheers:

  • John

    Bitch, bitch, bitch, now a dam thing about what to do because that would mean many of you would have to get off your broadening backsided and actually become involved. You have no other choice, either you get involved and fight for what is yours or you sit there and watch as it is taken away. If you fight and “it” gets destroyed at least you tried if not it will be taken away. Resist, organize, and act…it is our ONLY chance. Also there is a very good chance millions will follow your lead. Remember we outnumber then by one hell of a large margin.

  • Jason

    Humm… No Microbes. I wonder if it had something to do with 1 million barrels at the Wellhead of Corexit sprayed to sink the Oil! Instead of recovering the oil, lets sink the oil, so as to Hide It!

  • Jiggs

    First, you have to know history, and know you’re a slave. Then, you have to get mad. Then, you have to STAY mad. Active non-resistance. Max your credit cards out on guns, ammo, seeds, tools etc. and tell them to go to hell. Make them prove they have a legally binding contract on the so-called “debt” allegedly owed. They can’t. Be prepared, live small, lay low, keep your powder dry. You’ll know when it’s time. The evil empire (Illuminati controlled central banking system) will not go quietly. “Better to die a free man than live as a slave.” (Dalton Trumbo, screenwriter, “Spartacus”) Long live the Republic.

  • Canuck,

    Anyone concerned with the wellbeing of their family must go to the site you listed because S.510 is not a game.

    It’s another step the government plans to have in place to prevent you from procuring your own food. Heck! The next thing we know, they’ll be in full charge of what foods will be on the supermarket shelves and in our pantry.

    If they can do that, then they’ll be feeding us to each other — if they aren’t already.

  • Displaced Italian

    Breaking the chains of slavery in the United States is simple …
    The Federal Reserve “owns” us .
    Stop using credit cards and taking out loans. Avoid the banks.
    And stop paying whatever debt you owe them.
    Bye Bye Fed 🙂

  • Displaced Italian,

    We need more! I’ve never used credit or taken out a loan. But I must have a bank account in order to pay the cost of my needs, and I must keep my phone… If I follow your lead I’d hardly know I’m on a journey.

  • Jiggs

    B&B: Why do you need a bank account to “pay the cost of your needs”? Ever hear of a money order? If you can’t learn to live without banks and credit, you are on a journey to a life of perpetual debt slavery. Which is fine. Some people like being slaves. They find it…comforting.

  • el magnifico

    Just stop. Quit everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Don’t go to work, don’t buy anything, don’t go to classes and just stop the machine. A giant sit down and stop it all movement will get the attention of these scumbags who control the show. Hit em in the pocketbook and they will listen. We did it in the sixties. Time for you folks to do it again. STOP!

  • Jiggs,

    I’m hooked to a tether, and it’s attached to an O2 machine.

  • el magnifico,

    It will take numbers well above the number of people who post and read here.

    How do we organize so that we are a national entity? Very few people are aware of what’s happening.

  • Jimmy

    as soon as you start to organize they will shut down the internet.

  • ChewyBees

    Never in all of history when a revolutionary time approached did all the people involved take action together. There has always been select people that have lead with enlightened determination and a deference to loss of fortune or life itself. These people are alive and well right now, maybe on this message board. The problem we all face is impatience. In order for the populace to act and react there has to be desperation and doubt. The illusion broadcast to all five senses has to be overcome by the sixth and seventh sense, the consiousness and the metaconsiousness. The state of the American people is one that still holds faith in a long gone system. The people still believe that a vote can change the death grip of deception all the past votes have lead up to. They still find it unfathomable that everyone could be duped, scammed, defrauded and mentally and spiritually raped in such a complete manner. They still believe that a mountain of laws and millions of jail cells can create justice. Reality will soon overcome the degree of illusion the elite can broadcast, as like it or not the material comforts expected will be gone completely, and the masses will no longer ‘elect’ phony lying lawyers as middlemen between themselves and their security, their freedom, and between themselves and God. Just as these purveyors of deception think they have the world by the balls, their entire cross dressing fashion show will be exposed for what it is, and there will be rocks left to hide under anymore. Don’t expect that there will be a return to life as it was (whenever that history one desires to return to may be), because the illusion that allows that must be shattered and those that can survive will have to take charge of their own lives again. In the meantime, stay thirsty, my friends, and keep the faith in yourself above all others. No one has authority over you unless you give it to them, which is why governments operate with the point of a gun.

  • mark

    All the oil eating bacterium’s making the plume lighter (changing the viscosity and consistency) via byproducts of CO2 and algae… And the changing gulf water temperature is also having an effect. The righ Hurricane and it will be on the beaches.

  • Yep. There’s still a little of all that in me. But, you lost me on the metaconsciousness part. I’d love for you to clarify.

    You said, [… No one has authority over you unless you give it to them, which is why governments operate with the point of a gun.”]

    I know. That’s why I’ve decided — when the force that *is* comes to my door, and crashes through my barricade of standard locks — with their weapons drawn, and attempt to drag me toward a train or a truck with a red logo, well — I’ll just refuse to go.

    If they insist, I’ll stomp and stamp — all the while hollering about them needing to get back or I’ll shoot. Hahaha. I certainly won’t cooperate. But of course they’ll have to shoot.

    That oughta do it!

  • Mike S

    Maybe the microorganisms aren’t eating the oil because it’s got toxins mixed with it, I will never understand how they got away with spraying so much poison into the water that provided so much food, just to hide the oil from the surface. They should duct tape these guys into chairs and pour corexit down their throats on public tv.

  • Canuck

    Mike, I have an idea part of it might be BP blackmailing the gov, they are a major fuel supplier to the US army and could cause untold damage to the US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just a theory.

  • Gary

    If you are American and work for BP like Thad Alvin the chipmuck you are a traitor.
    All US BP employees including and BP’s should be erradicated. Soon and soon you are going to see the queen, soon and very soon you are going to see the queen.
    Please southern before you die. Please take BP exec with you
    Gulf War II and we lost

  • bruce

    ALL politics are B.S. this sh** can’t be voted away. As soon as the “lets vote the bums out” folks get a clue,then…..
    maybe something can be done about the mess. Sadly, probably not. All of this was “voted” in by all the “voting” public.
    Think the founding fathers could have taken this country from the brits by talking or voting ? And isn’t THAT the real issue ?


    Says it all.

    But for most of you I’ll spell it out…

    B A A A A A A A!!!!

  • Don Mitchel

    Voters must remember who claims to have called the shots when dispersant were used experimentally for days on end, instead of immediately organizing a flotilla of collection ships. Voters should also be informed that despite repeated warnings to this administration that ballast system ccould carry this mess, they did not bother to check ships entering Lake Pontchartrain. The idea of dilution being the solution to pollution is also the way this administration has been addressing ballast water since the House passed legislation in 2008. This legislation would have forced mandatory instalation of technology, costing mostly foreign ships bringing foreign manufactured goods into our country, and lead to a higher cost basis for foreign products according to a report for congress. Odd if the following was the presidents campaign statement. “Similarly, we should add binding environmental standards so that companies from one
    country cannot gain an economic advantage by destroying the environment.”
    I guess he now fiqures economic globalization led by a communist country carrying us on their coat tails is best, for American independence.

  • Dan

    It doesnt matter if its Obama or Bush, demo or repub, we will be in for the same in the future.

    We need a new form of government, ours has failed the world. One that places value on wisdom as opposed to capitalism as suggested by Beau Kitselman in Hello, Stupid! which can be read at

    Its our fault, its up to us to solve it. Knowing how we want to govern ourselves is a giant step in the right direction. KItselman left us something special in that little yellow book, I hope more people wake up and realize what he was saying.

  • I hope America would do something on this. You had a very informative video. Keep Posting!

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