“Potential ecosystem collapse caused by toxic dispersant use” — “Horrific mistake” says LSA board member

How Toxic are Oil Dispersants? Groups Press EPA to Find Out Before Next Spill, Earth Justice, October 13, 2010:

The non-profit environmental law firm Earthjustice filed a petition (PDF) on behalf of the Louisiana Shrimp Association, Florida Wildlife Federation, Gulf Restoration Network, the Alaska-based Cook Inletkeeper, Alaska Community Action on Toxics, Waterkeeper and Sierra Club asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to write rules that would set out exactly how and when dispersants could be used in the future. …

“Unprecedented use of toxic dispersants during the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster without prior scientific study and evaluation on the effect to Gulf of Mexico marine ecosystems and human health was a horrific mistake that should never have been allowed to happen,” said Clint Guidry of the Louisiana Shrimp Association. “Potential ecosystem collapse caused by toxic dispersant use during this disaster will have immediate and long term effects on the Gulf’s traditional fishing communities’ ability to sustain our culture and heritage.”

8 comments to “Potential ecosystem collapse caused by toxic dispersant use” — “Horrific mistake” says LSA board member

  • Dixie

    To little to late. The Gulf was allowed to be a mass experiment with no regard for life.

  • Corexit spraying is illegal

    Thank God for the environmentalists, hunters, fishermen, farmers… There are laws on the books to protect people, game, crops, and the ecosystem. The problem is getting prosecutors to enforce these laws and getting funding for non-profit and citizen lawsuits. Trust me, there are 100s of violations currently in the Gulf!! Unfotunately, Bushco cleaned out the U.S. Attorneys with the most skill and integrity in a firing massacre during his terms. They applied lots of pressure and threats. But, they haven’t overturned the law or Constitution (in full) yet!….

  • Second hand smoke

    They say theres flesh eating bacteria.They say this stuff is mutogenic.
    Gee I hope you haven’t gray gooed yourselves.

  • thomas paine

    This was NOT a mistake. Not the demolition of the oil platform, the lack of interest in proven oil response and cleaning technologies, nor the poisoning of the Gulf. Repeat: this was NOT a mistake. And – for those who are not aware – when you have figured out their master plan, you will understand how this apparent travesty makes perfect sense. And you’ll be even more outraged than you are already…

  • Billy Dale

    Thomas Paine: what do you think was the objective in all this and the master plan?

  • premurderedGOM

    Listen to thomas paine. This was no accident. Senate bill 6350 became law in June, 2010. The feds now basically own the ocean and the land attached to it. Local and state ‘authorities’ can now tell you not to dig in the fuking sand. Get it? This is nothing more than a boost to Agenda 21. Friends of mine in Colarado/Wyoming are watching land grabs by the feds. Times are changing fast, and not in favor of the people. I suggest you run….

  • Billy Dale

    run to where ? I dislike this as much as most everyone else.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Don’t run unless you need to b/c of kids or your own illness. Make the masses see what’s going on. Make them watch the genocide this time–in full color on YouTube.

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