Press-Register: Bloody red lesions on more than half of fish caught in surf off Dauphin Island (PHOTO)

Dauphin Island fish show up with lesions, BP spill link questioned, Press-Register by Ben Raines, Jan. 11, 2012:

More than half the fish caught Monday by Press-Register reporters in the surf off Dauphin Island had bloody red lesions on their bodies. […]

8 comments to Press-Register: Bloody red lesions on more than half of fish caught in surf off Dauphin Island (PHOTO)

  • At last! More proof of damage from the oil spill/dispersants. Compare this with all the other fish lesion articles from the last year. Frightening evidence of the Gulf disaster!

  • Well are you back …. Sure used to love all the quality news you put out…..Guess the scientist won”t start speaking up for another year or so as alot of thier kind were killed The first year+….What a shame part of the U.S. demise allowing this tradgy to have happened,much less the meadia cover up of so so much….Speaking to people on weast coast about oil spill and ramification there of they say what oil spill…..shame I tell you…Shame on congress for allowing EPA to not do there jobs and hide info as well not tell people about danger of corexit which should be well into the southern crop fields and playgrounds….

  • beachbum

    Thank you for being here. Have missed you. Knew it was still going on, but BP is advertizing like mad, trying to give the coastal businesses a better season; I guess to alleviate their payouts.
    Did everyone file for another claim, as another year has gone by and the damage is here.
    Peace out!

  • What is needed is a GoM App(Gulf of Mexico). It would allow anyone to post what they percieved immediately from what ever device they have. In this way the momentum can be rekindeled.

  • Jack

    Yay! wondered whether FOSL was ever going to have another
    new article….folks are in such denial, to protect their
    fragile realities, which are largely fantasy-based…
    I know some Grad engineers just will not allow this reality
    to pervade their happy lives.
    All you can Eat SHRIMP!!
    it will be interesting to see if any Fukushima followers will
    trend back here to the Gulf-now-evidently-fully-
    Caribbean-Macondo Blowout Crisis, all the way down to
    the Cayman already!

  • Kay

    Kept on checking to see what was going on – glad you are reporting again. Also check with energy news to see if Japan is still there….

  • Here is couple good links about fukashima info

    I guess all that corexit is making us more healthy

  • Jack

    Not much published from Gulf oiling reports—
    remember the last one I saw was months ago,
    with some private-development cove getting fresh
    oil-balls, but the Real Estate Powers hushed it up.

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