Professor “recorded sub-surface oil 60 miles thick” near Desoto Canyon off the Florida coast

Where has all the oil gone? Even more updates on the BP spill from USF’s Marine Science department, Creative Loafing,
December 15, 2010:

From what I gathered from Dr. [David] Hollander, a majority of oil is in Desoto Canyon where he recorded sub-surface oil 600 60 miles thick. The department he is with also did testing on this oil to prove it was from the BP oil rig. He explained that between the Carbon-27 and Carbon-34 strands in the molecular structure, the molecular compounds were the same as BP’s oil. These isotopes are the equivalent of a fingerprint at a crime scene. From all of the oil spilled, Dr. Hollander believes that 75% of it is still unknown as to how it was dealt with…

Article originally stated the sub-surface oil was 600 miles thick:

10 comments to Professor “recorded sub-surface oil 60 miles thick” near Desoto Canyon off the Florida coast

  • Jack

    It would sure help the cause of Truth in these desperate days,
    if somebody re-posting these stories would apply a little
    EDITING—“600 miles thick”
    Dammit! Who the Hell is in charge here? Illiterates?
    Come ON and Edit this headline and story TODAY!

  • C.Dodds

    Your observation is interesting, but like Jack I too would like more specifics such as the following if they can be obtained:

    Six hundred miles thick in which direction?
    How many ppm was in this slick?
    How was it measured?
    Why could it not be leaking from the canyon from the same undersea source as the BP well.
    Is there evidence of corexit or dispersant mixed in this oil?
    Is the quantity of oil expanding?

  • HopeSprings

    Jack… chill out. Don’t shoot the messenger!

    If you click on the story’s link, that’s what the original post says.

    Yes, it’s an error.

    Do you ever make any yourself?

  • Craig

    Sorry Hope Springs>

    Have to chime in here….. Are there not people P A I D real money to make sure all of us feeble peeps out there can read whats printed w/o having spell check at their disposals, so that we dont have to read it 3-4x’s ? Just curious…. I find it more & more and at every level…amazing iz az amazing duz

  • I rather suspect it’s a large quantity, and, I’d say it’s from BP’s gurgling error.

  • soozla

    Where has all the oil gone? It’s finely dispersed.
    Wow .. how much dispersant is that taking?
    The article in reference says 60 miles thick– here i assume they mean that they found an area of this finely dispersed oil of 60 miles radius of desoto canyon at all depths.

  • Gary

    Not 600 miles thick just 600 miles wide, 600 miles long and heading for BP’s owners.
    Kiss your Brit butts goodbye, I’ll even buy your last meal from LA.
    I hope BP freezes to death with dash of their own poison

  • gypsie

    why do you fight amongst yourselves? does the planet not have enough negative energy?

  • gypsie:

    Please! Shhhhhhh. Baby Earth is asleep and you’re gonna wake it. So please — just hush, and tippy-toe on your way out.

    We’re all good friends here and love new ideas and the truth.

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