Project Gulf Impact: “Scientists Paid To Cover Up Toxic Dispersant” (VIDEO)

Via PGI: On Saturday, November 20th, 2010, Project Gulf Impact’s Heather Rally, Gavin Garrison, and Matt Smith held “InGulfed”, an exhibition on the current Gulf Coast crisis caused by the oil spill. There were walk-through exhibits, speeches, videos, and presentations by locals. The event was attended by hundreds of supportive people from the Northwest, and afterwards, Project Gulf Impact held a Q+A.

Heather Rally from Project Gulf Impact speaks at Seattle University about the scientific impacts of the spill and Scientists being paid off by BP

PGI Talking About The Need to Band Together

3 comments to Project Gulf Impact: “Scientists Paid To Cover Up Toxic Dispersant” (VIDEO)

  • Mike S

    She could be a much more effective speaker than she is, I hope she considers studying great speakers, or taking some classes.

  • Dave

    I do not understand why people did not move out of there.
    It is no longer a place to live .
    it was a marginal place to begin with since all those nasty companies that emit all that toxic pollution started up.
    But now it is not fit for human habitation.
    SO why do people stay there?
    Are they too lazy to move? are they so uneducated to not know?
    or are they just do not care.
    your living on a toxic dump from Florida to Texas .

  • truthseekerharrison

    Why would anyone wish to weaken the population in the southern part of the US? Why? Is something being prepared?

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