Project Gulf Impact Update: The BP oil disaster “will go down in history as one of the biggest catastrophes this planet has ever seen” (with Lab Results)

From The Gulf Stream To The Bloodstream and Why What You’re About To Read Is The Alarm Bell of The Pending Gulf Disaster, Matt Smith, Heather Rally, and Gavin Garrison of Project Gulf Impact, September 5, 2010:


The problem has been lurking in the Gulf since the first days of the BP oil spill and now has the potential [to] ignite a disaster unlike any this country has ever seen. …

[T]his tragedy is silent, and if you live in the Gulf, it is most likely affecting you right now as you read this. … Your health may be in extreme jeopardy due to the toxic effects of the dispersant Corexit and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from crude oil inundating the air. …

The oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will go down in history as one of the biggest catastrophes this planet has ever seen. … The cover up and the lies that led this country into the health crisis we are about to face will be documented in years to come. … The residents of the Gulf of Mexico are entering a crisis whose scope cannot be calculated.

Several symptoms have been reported, from subtle to severe: skin rashes and infections, upper respiratory burning, congestion and cough, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and neurological symptoms including short-term memory loss and coordination problems. …

The same symptoms are being reported across the four hardest hit states. Michelle Nix of GCOSV discovered the Volatile Solvents Profile – a blood test that tests for hydrocarbons in the blood. Through the generous support of Jo Billups and Karen Harvill of Sassafrass, and the support of Dr. Robert Naman, among others, testing on Gulf residents has begun.

The results are extremely alarming. Several volatile hydrocarbons found in crude oil have been detected in the blood of several residents from Orange Beach, AL. Among the hydrocarbons tested, ethylbenzene, xylene, hexane were detected at abnormally high levels.

The individuals tested were not directly involved in BP’s clean-up operations, nor had they been exposed to any industrial environment where the presence of these compounds would be of concern. Due to these circumstances, it can be deduced that residents living near the Gulf of Mexico shoreline are at exposure risk.

Crude oil is composed of several highly toxic compounds, including light weight hydrocarbons, often referred to as “light-ends,” which can easily enter the atmosphere and invade the terrestrial environment. These lightweight hydrocarbons are classified as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), which can be tested in the blood, urine, breath, and sometimes tissues. The tests that were performed on several gulf coast residents indicated the presence of ethyl benzene, xylene, & hexane. While their toxicity is known, specific data on the dose and physiological responses to the aforementioned hydrocarbons is generally scarce in the scientific literature.

Ethyl benzene is suspected by the International Agency for Research on Cancer to be a human carcinogen. Acute, high-exposure symptoms include eye irritation, upper respiratory irritation, and dizziness. Chronic exposure has resulted in irreversible inner ear damage and hearing loss, as well as severe kidney damage and cancer.

Xylene is metabolized into methylhippuric acid by the body. Studies on xylene toxicity have determined a potential relationship between gaseous exposure and the development of leukemia. The chemical is highly toxic to the central nervous system and manifests as dizziness, lack of coordination, and cognitive decline. Chronic exposure is also known to cause kidney failure. Studies on hexane toxicity are highly limited, but include evidence of neurological impairment manifest by decreased nerve conduction velocity. (

These chemicals have the potential to cause both acute and chronic symptoms depending upon the dose and time frame of exposure. Thus, while low doses may not result in immediate and apparent symptoms, the cumulative nature of these toxins means that disease may still manifest years down the line if exposure occurs chronically.

While many VOC’s are excreted very quickly, the human body is impacted with every dose, no matter how minuscule. When the impact of several tiny doses are combined, such as in people who are experiencing daily low-level exposure, the result can be detrimental.

In addition to the direct impact of these specific VOC’s, many of them can be metabolized by the body and converted into other structurally distinct compounds, some of which are known to accumulate, causing several different types of cancer, genetic damage, and birth defects. The health threat of chronic lowdose chemical toxicity is highly underestimated. Strict bio-monitoring and caution is required to prevent the potential slaughter by a silent chemical killer.

These results prove that we are in an extremely dangerous situation, a bubble that is about to burst wide open. Unless people begin realizing that the sickness they have been feeling for the last few weeks is not a cold, and that it is chemical exposure, there will be no help. Unless people start demanding that this oil spill, and every horror that goes along with it is immediately put back into the national spotlight, there will be no hope for people to fully understand to dangers and take the necessary precautions. Unless we all stand up as a people, start communicating, researching, sharing information, and spreading the truth instead of lies, we will enter a catastrophe that we are, as a people, nowhere near prepared to handle on a local or national level. It is time to demand the truth, and demand it now.

Credits: “Through recent studies conducted under the combined efforts of Michelle Nix of Gulf Coast Oil Spill Volunteers, Jo Billups and Karen Harvill of Sassafrass, Dr. Robert Naman, Project Gulf Impact, medical professionals, and the brave Gulf residents who have agreed to be tested, the toxic health effects of the poisons in the air and in the sea have been documented for the first time.”

Read the article and see the lab results here.

14 comments to Project Gulf Impact Update: The BP oil disaster “will go down in history as one of the biggest catastrophes this planet has ever seen” (with Lab Results)

  • Betsy S.

    Sadly, the spotlight is dimming.

    I’ve noticed that even the number of comments on this site is beginning to decrease.

  • Catalyst

    @Betsy S. Yes, I’ve noticed the same. Mid-term elections, back-to-school and football are all on the front burners.

  • Mike S.

    It’s criminal what is happening. This disaster will affect and impact decades worth of politics, law and lives. Who is looking out for us? I live in Louisiana 60 miles from the coast, I was in Pensacola the day the heavy sheets of oil rolled in, I saw Governor Crist there that day. I have personally felt the burning and stinging of eyes when exposed to these fumes. Is my Government watching my back? Is my President watching anybody’s back?

  • Catalyst

    @Mike S. I think the President is just along for the ride on so many issues, just “pleased” he was “elected” or appointed to office, free to take advantage of whatever perks that accompany it. This is just unbelievable. This lack of focus and accountability on the part of BP and our government has got to be stopped!

  • Ruffcut

    Yes, obibble is on the (compain) trail.
    Yes, this issue is under addressed. Covered up a swept under under the rug.

    Thousands of troops, have died and no one gives a shit. Why, should they give a rats ass about a few thousand or hundred thousand gulf residents?

    Complainers? Sickly, by their own accord?
    Stress activated?

    Goes with : “mission accomplished”, “Suprime contained” ” war on terror”, ” inflation is under control”, and on and fucking on.
    Wake the the fuck up and do …. what ?
    Piss your pants and turn a blind eye, what we are best at.

  • jessica

    @Betsy S and Catalyst. Believe me, the comments might be decreasing but we are still reading and sharing info in other ways. Thank you florida oil spill law for your continuing coverage. God Bless you and yours.

  • jessica

    @Catalyst – this site is not about the Pres and elections…can see your tactics, shill. People keep your FOCUS…shills try to change the focus of this site. FOCUS IS: GULF OF MEXICO!!!

  • Catalyst

    @jessica – thanks for the reminder about focusing on the Gulf of Mexico; I’m just ENRAGED at BP and the Obummer team(s). I was born in Corpus, my father spent seveal years in New Orleans, Jacksonville and Orlando, and I want nothing more than for this nightmare to end for everyone. As for this site, I am on it constantly and have recommended it many times. Keep up the good energy!!

  • terrance

    You guys, I had a similar exposure from bad ventilation and new carpets. (same chemicals out-gassing) Those VOC chemicals from petroleum can intensively screw you up. You think it’s a little annoying-the headaches, fatigue, rashes, eye irritation, coughing, then suddenly you’re incapacitated with shooting liver and kidney pains with edema busting your mid-section. The pain is horrible. This stuff (full-fledged neurotoxins) also causes brain damage. I felt so drugged. Plus, I racked up $10K in medical bills to come out of it. I had been perfectly healthy before the exposure. PLEASE save your lives and get the heck out of there, ASAP. The best cure is non-contact & avoidance, forever. p.s. The effects are worse on children.

  • terrance

    Been there. And you DON’T want to be there!

  • terrance

    Here is a Center for Treatment in the Gulf, if you don’t want renal failure or cancer:

    I know most people don’t know what to do when they are sick!! You need to see a toxicologist.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Thick layer of oil at bottom of gulf is not from natural seeps!

  • The Federal Government with the Coast Guard, the EPA and other agencies have been carrying out mock oil spill exercises for decades. They call these SONS (Spills of National Significance).
    After each exercise there is a report with recommendations, called an after actiom report or AAR.

    You can find links to these reports on various Government websites such as Homeland Security, EPA, and the Coast Guard. …But ALL THE REPORTS ARE GONE.

    Yes the Obama administration has scrubbed government internet sites of all these reports so that we could not see how long they have been ignoring the recommendations.

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