Project Gulf Impact to open help center on Gulf Coast (VIDEO & AUDIO)

*Note: FOSL is not affiliated with Project Gulf Impact and have not even been in touch with them. Their work is greatly appreciated.

This article is to increase awareness of the group’s efforts, specifically the PGI center/homebase located on the Gulf Coast which is to open in the upcoming weeks.

A report by WKRG Channel 5 out of Mobile and Pensacola provides some background on PGI:

Excerpts from the WKRG report:

Matt Smith has been seen on the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and has a new series on HBO. He took a year off acting in 2009 and lived on the Gulf coast. Smith fell in love with the place, and it was his dream to live there someday. …

Smith and producer Richard Virgen co-founded Project Gulf Impact…

They recruited a team of Hollywood filmmakers, producers, videographers, etc, to drive forty hours from Los Angeles to the Gulf coast.

Smith says he feels like the real story has been misrepresented to the rest of the nation, and he wants to give the people of the Gulf a voice. …

His goal is to inspire reaction from the rest of the country, and to make people want to travel here to help volunteer. You can follow Matt Smith and his team on Twitter @PrjGulfImpact.

Listen to the August 5, 2010 episode  of the Project Gulf Impact radio show for information about the PGI center (*skip to 32 minutes and 30 seconds in & 1 hour and 50 minutes in):

Listen to the Project Gulf Impact radio show here:

Watch the highly informative videos by Project Gulf Impact:

To donate to Project Gulf Impact visit:

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