“Really Laughable”: 5 people deciding which of 500,000 claims are paid (VIDEO)

House rep. visits central claims office, Fox 10, February 14, 2011:

… Mr. Feinberg got on the phone and he said, ‘Well we make all the decisions in Washington DC,’ and I said on 500,000 claims five people make a decision? And he said, well indirectly, ‘We make all the decisions,'” [Rep. Doug] Broxson said.

“We assumed that there was a huge army of forensic accounts and CPA’s in Dublin [Ohio] just working through all of the claims as fast as they can and it’s not the case. Its really laughable what we are hearing and what we are seeing,” [Orange Beach Mayor Tony] Kennon said.

House rep. visits central claims office: fox10tv.com

7 comments to “Really Laughable”: 5 people deciding which of 500,000 claims are paid (VIDEO)


    This matter is simple, if you want your claims paid: MARCH ON WALL STREET UNTIL They are PAID IN FULL.


    WHY .. if I have to come down there MY FEES ARE EXTENSIVE!

    If you do what I say, ( and please afford me my eccentricity) then you will all be paid within a week.

  • AZ Patriot

    Ivan the GOM residents are too afraid to do anything…..sad to say ,i thought some “good ol’ boys” lived in the south,guess not ,if they really were in dire straights ,don’t you think they would have organized en masse like the egyptians did?,one or two cannot do anything ,they’d be blackbagged and dissappeared now if thousands of GOM residents acted with an event that the government controlled media cannot ignore,they might stand a chance ,hell the guvment even ran thier own Anderson Cooper out of the GOM ,according to all the reports ya’all are basically dead down there right? so what else do you have to lose and what are you waiting for?
    “god helps those who helps themselves”

  • Agree. Where are the environmentalists, organizers, protestors? I guess these people are lost. You March on Wall Street and “BP Stock is Obliterated” along with the Whole STINKING Piss Pot! I would say with absolute certainty: “ if you March, You will get what ever you want.” The Entire Region Must Support the March.

    If they don’t learn to fight …they will disappear into the poisoned waters… into the black bath government has prepared for them. Only the strong Survive.

  • craig

    stop laughing and start arresting.

  • soozla

    But who will do the arresting? the Justice dept?
    They are guarding the well site—to effect the opposite.

  • How sad that this certain thing is happening. If only the government is fair and reasonable enough, this things would not have been come into tricky situation.

  • soozla

    BP has no interest in paying these claims.They are up the bigger things like rob Russian billionares.

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