“Red Flag”: Oil spill study finds almost HALF of residents suffering “unusual spike” in health symptoms

‘Red flag’ in oil-spill health study, Daily Comet, March 4, 2011:

A survey of select coastal communities, including Chauvin, Dulac and Grand Isle, found that almost half of residents experienced ailments that could be oil-spill related. …

The survey, which questioned 954 residents in Terrebonne, Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes, was conducted between July and October by volunteers from the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a New Orleans-based environmental nonprofit, Tulane University’s Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy and Patagonia Clothing Company. …

Anne Rolfes, executive director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade [said]… “It’s time to wave a red flag and get some intervention here.” Among the findings, 48 percent of those surveyed by the Louisiana Bucket Brigade reported an unusual spike of at least one health symptom. …

“There’s this hacking cough everyone has, a sore throat, itchy eyes. Nothing’s effective. I have one friend who’s been to the doctor four times and nothing helps,” [Betty Doud, a resident of Grand Isle] said. …

Read the report here.

17 comments to “Red Flag”: Oil spill study finds almost HALF of residents suffering “unusual spike” in health symptoms

  • I think it’s high-time the researchers pay the people for responding to their questionnaires, and face-to-face chats — in the streets, or wherever the people have been interviewed.

    The minimum you should accept as a gratuity for your time and input should not be less than $70.00. These people are making a living off of you, but they’re not the ‘bad guys’.

    The bad guys are the university heads who send the expendables out to breathe the toxic air while gathering the data they — the university heads will sell. In the meantime, they’ll remain in the comfort and protection of their offices and location.

    They’re not helping you — they’re abusing you.

  • Dixie

    Bottom line is NO university or institution should be accepting funding from BP. They should be allowed to do INDEPENDENT research!

  • soozla

    Documenting the health effects ..should be done as closely as possible to the laws and procedures that still exist.
    This will help with legal representation of the people.

  • soozla

    If a “study” does not include treatment..don’t do it.This allows them to look at case studies and develop lies..AND gather and retain personal data.
    It will come with a “gag” clause and the participants are not “allowed” to discuss the study.. that meaning BP….

  • C.Dodds

    i think the surveys and percentages are necessary to find out how bad the situaation really is. i am glad to see statistics coming out at last. They show there is a very clear need for great assistance to be given to those near the gulf. Hopefully, now there is evidence help will be on the way unless prevented by evil ones.

  • C.Dodds:

    To find out for what purpose? Medical care? Compensation that is fair and the victims can take to the bank? I don’t think so.

    I think the studies will do far more for BP than for its victims. BP can use the results of the studies to serve as a guideline for oil companies to follow in order to determine the cost of possible future accident types.

    I can see where under particular circumstances — BP would want to tailor the most expensive type accident to adhere strictly to the greater regulations, while slothing on the regulations that are the least expensive for them to follow?

    But of course, each class of accident will k*ll people and members of our animal kingdoms.

  • soozla:

    You are so ‘on target”!

    You said…

    “If a “study” does not include treatment… don’t do it. This allows them to look at case studies and develop lies..AND gather and retain personal data.

    It will come with a “gag” clause and the participants are not “allowed” to discuss the study.. that meaning BP….”

  • C.Dodds

    A study should precede treatment, otherwise how would you know treatment is needed? While it could be obvious it is needed to those who are afflictaed and living near the Gulf, it is not obvious to those who are nowhere near it. A government cannot be expected to give billions of dollars to victims without ensuring that they need it by doing surveys etc. One has to admit the evidence was mostly coming from a few people only several months ago, so it needed to be checked out. I do not think that BP will be able to do much except concur that help is needed if reliable statistics show that about half the population is sick! One of several things applearing highly negligent is that statistics were not undertaken and publlished earlier. There may be a government conspiracy afoot, but reliable figures should help to get things moving in the right direction if the media publishes them. if everyone reading this excellent website would contact three or four major world newspapers things would soon start moving and people might get helped.

  • C.Dodds:

    I think treatment should precede studies. Physicians can test those with suggestive symptoms for blo*d evidence for the presence of VOC’s and PAH, and treat the patient accordingly.

    The government is not *giving* the oil afflicted anything; it’s called compensation, or a step in that direction, and surveys are more appropriate for property than for human beings.

    You will not get *reliable statistics* from BP; recall that BP is the culprit that the hydrocarbon signature identified, and later, BP agreed that it was/is theirs . But — they have also said that the fish is safe to eat and that the cleanup has been a success.

    BP is a supreme example of the type of damage the dark shadow of pathological denial can produce — and that is the unnecessary early death of many thousands of people.

    I cannot believe you would want to see statistics that demonstrate “about half the population is sick” before anything is done! Now, I ask you, how many millions of deaths would delayed treatment cause?

    Perhaps, if you develop cancer in the future, you’ll just be discrete and resist treatment until you can “smell it.” Right?

    So, you want us all to ‘dance your jig’ before the people *MIGHT* get help? And, if “things get moving in the right direction” [evidence] — meaning the media is satisfied and publishes the data/statistics — then you’re okay with the BP providing compensation for those who are ill and those who are dying, and for those who are dead already.

    Would de*th be evidence enough for you? Or would you demand to hear the type of ‘d*ath rattle’ made by the alleged victim, because you’ve decided the tone must be just “so so!’

    IMHO, you need to get away from your fetish with statistics and numbers, and return to civility and compassion.

  • C.Dodds

    I would have liked samples of oil and corexit etc. taken and results published shortly after the spill. Of course people should have been assisted right from the start. I do not at all agree with delayed treatment. I find it amazing they were not helped earlier. What I was saying I suppose was mainly”better late than never”. You seemed to be against the survey, but if you refuse to cooperate with it you miss an opportunity to say how things are. A university cannot usually afford to pay people for filling in forms. They have really helped our cause if they have done an independent survey and found 44% sick. How many people would that be? Surely this is too many for authorities to ignore. Physicians should have considered oil and dispersant impacts on their patients but many apparently did not. How many were bribed? Our aim should be to get help to the needy as fast as possible. Don’t you agree with that?Surveys could help. An excuse could now be made to evacuate the gulf, leaving the whole area to BP for its experiimentation. That would be better than letting gulf folk suffer though. BP deceivers should be put behind bars.

  • C.Dodds

    Do you live on the Gulf coast? Are you suffering? How? If you are still there MOVE OUT. Write to some papers and tell them how things are with you and those you know. Give them true information which they can check. There are both good strong people and bad on the media, in the government and in medicine. They are not all bad.

  • Dixie

    C.Dodd…….samples WERE and ARE being taken by independent scientist and labs that do NOT take BP money and the results are out there. You made this comment “An excuse could now be made to evacuate the gulf, leaving the whole area to BP for its experimentation. That would be better than letting gulf folk suffer though.” I would ask you to clarify what you mean especially after you are telling buscuitandbutter to leave the Gulf! And just where are the people of the Gulf supposed to go pray tell? Corexit was banned in the UK years ago because of it’s toxicity and yet BP was allowed to spray this crap in the GULF with governments blessing. Why, because BP gets out of paying more fines if the spill cannot be seen and thus measured.

  • C.Dodds

    Quite some time back there were suggestions that the gulf coast should be evacuated. But where should people go? A camping ground seems better than staying there and risking permanent health damage. Some thought that FEMA was going to assist with evacuations. A few also thought that the Gulf gush would provide an excuse to enslave the gulf people with a military takeover. Others still think that will happen. You have probably heard about such conspiracy theories some of which appear to be becoming conspiracy facts.
    They are on the net.

  • soozla


    This is about the FEMA camps..waiting for those who don’t move along quickly enough.Just a conspiracy?–I wouldn’t wait to find out.

  • Swindon1

    Here is my take from experience: If the doctors treating these people do not do a volatile solvents test at the LEAST, they are not doing their jobs. Testing is also needed for heavy metals, kidney, liver and other organ function. But in the end, if you have oil in your bloodstream, you are in danger and no amount of steroids will change that. Leaving the area is what has helped me, and detoxing. Three months now, and I feel better than I did since May 2010.

    I had the blood test done for volatile Solvents and my doctor did not believe me…or gave me that impression. Why? because I lived on the east coast of Florida, and I was very sick! He could not stretch his mind to include PAH’s in the wind and rain and oil on the beach.

  • xdrfox

    If it had been Declared a Disaster Area then the Gov. would have a Duty to do many things, and not declared a Disaster Area the Gov. has to do NOTHING !

  • Does it matter how many people are sick?Not one person should have been exposed to that rubbish and the numbers and premature deaths will continue to add to the statistics and pass through the generations.Once the oil is in the bloodstream – that’s pretty much it – damage done.

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