“Reefs of oil” on the ocean bottom near the coast says former cleanup worker

On Thanksgiving, Gulf Oil Disaster Victims Hope for the Truth, NRDC Switchboard by Rocky Kistner, November 23, 2010:

Clean up workers say the battle is a Sisyphean task. They dig and shovel bags of tar balls off one area of beach only to see them reappear the next day with the tides.

That’s true in many area of the Gulf, according to cleanup workers and residents. Mississippi residents near Biloxi have told me they still see oily water and tar balls roll in frequently. And off the barrier islands near Barataria Bay, workers are in a constant battle with what one former cleanup worker calls “reefs of oil” that lay on the sandy ocean bottom near the coast.

“There’s still plenty of oil out there,” says one former cleanup worker. “It all depends on the tides and the winds. When it’s right, it just keeps coming in. It will be years before it’s all gone.”

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  • premurderedGOM

    Pensacola: According to clean up crew bus drivers, the party is over. Buses and crews are gone. Payment has not been made to the companies doing the contract work. How low can this get? This will never be on the Fed owned “news” either. “What kind of human beings do we wish to produce? The possibilities defy our imagination”….National Education Association, 1969

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