Relief wells and bottom-kill suspended; Officials fear “new leaks may form”

“Relief well and bottom-kill procedures,” reports Bloomberg, “Are suspended until the company completes an analysis of complications that might result in a new oil leak.”

According to the article, BP released a statement yesterday, “The National Incident Commander has requested further analysis to mitigate possible risks of a bottom kill procedure.”

The report adds that U.S. officials “fear” that “new leaks may form, when the company pumps in more mud and cement into the bottom of the well for the final plug.”

Read the article here: BP’s Relief-Well Effort Delayed by U.S. Concerns Over Risk of Oil Release, Bloomberg, August 16, 2010

3 comments to Relief wells and bottom-kill suspended; Officials fear “new leaks may form”

  • jec

    Deepwater Horizon III website has issues with video feeds (not viewable on sites), and with links not being valid (EPA link for data..). With the concern over “new leaks”–which supposes..OLD leaks..can US government take the initiative to provide ROV feeds and sonar information to allow “transparency?” Oceanengineering..provides the ROV, the operators on lease –why not have the US government lease equpment and manning for ROV video survey/operations..and then provide coverage of the underwater area without any conflict of interest!

    And why were the Obamas only in the area for 27 hours..why not stay longer and enjoy the wonderful coastline and water? Is there a problem which would make “important” people..vs “small” people not want to visit for any length of time? Its this kind of short sighted PR that causes issues for the Gulf Coast!

  • nobody's fool

    Why are the ROV videos of such poor quality ? What is it that BP doesn’t want the viewers to see ? The explosions and leaks from their ” capped well ” ?

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