Report: Homeland Security agents want organizer to “shut up” — Told by BP to “back off” (VIDEO)

6 Months Since BP Oil Spill, Writer and Environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams Asks “Where Is Our Outrage?”, Democracy Now, October 21, 2010:

Transcript Excerpt

[Margaret Curole], with an artist friend, created on the beach at Grand Isle human bodies that spelled out messages, which they took pictures of and texted to Congress, to the governor, to BP executives, to everyone in power they could think of. The three messages laid out in bodies were “Never again,” “Paradise lost” and “WTF.”

What I can tell you about Margaret is that she received calls from the BP claims department saying to back off. She was taken to lunch by two agents from Homeland Security. And this is serious. And she said, “They want me to shut up, and I will not.”

See also: Professor says HOMELAND SECURITY confiscated samples and NOTES with insider information on dispersant — “IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY” (VIDEO)

15 comments to Report: Homeland Security agents want organizer to “shut up” — Told by BP to “back off” (VIDEO)

  • AZ Patriot

    Again the AMAZING power OF BP over supposed AMERICANS ,DHS ,pfffft ,keep talking people i will help as much as i can to spread the word ……

  • Daniel Hughes

    God damn BP and the Department of Homeland Security. Perhaps they ARE still afraid that the American public will rise up in wrath and come for them.

  • Well you have to look at it this way. Homeland Security was the outgrowth of a time when Bush and Cheney were creating the Patriot Act and other laws, that benefit certain industries by marking them *Critical Infrastructure. So that they qualify for gub’mint protection. So while on paper it may say for National Security purposes, what they really mean is “For International Corporate Agenda Purposes” we saw the beginning of this mentality with NAFTA back in the 90s, which is what spawned a lot of Property Rights groups. They too found themselves being deprived of their civil rights so multinational corporations could help local governments grab land for highways, and all sorts of things.

    Unfortunately because our Press is comprised mostly of bought and paid for clawds who don’t understand or care or believe what is happening, it drives these people to seek support elsewhere. Instead of getting moral support from their fellow citizens, they are categorized as terrorists, or radicals, the press as often as not will not adequately cover their stories or investigate backstories, local governments often turn on them as does the federal government which often says all the right words and then sits on their thumbs. So these citizens become anti-government at some point or associated with such groups because those are the only orgs that give them the time of day.
    Hopefully that will not be the case with the GULF. but only time will tell. Meanwhile anyone who resists too much will simply be stigmatized, surveilled and maybe even arrested, while everyone else seems convinced that everything is fine, nothing to see here, just a bunch of crazies who want money or some such similar narrative.

  • And I would like to add, that the United States Coast Guard is now under Homeland Security. So USCG rubber stamping dispersant usage was really Homeland Security Rubber Stamping Dispersant usage.

  • premurderedGOM

    If you have kids/grandkids please read. This is not our “Fathers” america. This is an abomination called a country. We never had freedom, this fact was hidden in consumerism. We never ‘had it good’, we were just happy ‘buying things’. We have overspent ourselves to the point of bankrupting the country and the world. The nation was being stolen as we were busy living some eccentric lifestyle that don’t mean anything in the longrun. Now our children will suffer at the hands of madmen. There is nothing left for them [see the riots around the world by young people] Do you think ‘the powers that be’ will let them roam the streets? There is already an I.D. check starting at the malls. Where will they work? How will they survive in this hellhole? My point is this. Shut-up. If you have kids, shut-up. You can’t change anything, get it? CPS is taking kids at a blinding rate. Research it yourself. We are going fullforce into a Marxist state. Reality check here. Homeland Security is no joke. Neither is BP. [think matt simmons] The Patriot Act can label you a domestic terrorist. There is only one thing left to do, get out. Find a way to make money elsewhere and leave this country. Teach English somewhere, take your skills and go. You can live in Canada and cross the border at will. For your kids future, leave before it’s too late.

  • momma don’t like tale-a-tales. don’t run anywhere. let them start this fight and hopefully those rednecks (men) will get off there arses and do something. i mean, what happened to all that talk u guys did, u r acting like a bunch of %^*^ in my opinion. r u really going to let your women and children die and not fight back – wow, that’s real tough guys.

  • xdrfox

    What happened to me here East Coast of Florida in July. ……_A_strange_encounter_at_Ormond_Beach,_where_spill_hits_the_beach_and_the_News.html

  • JumboShrimp88

    In Ohio the Homeland Security department uses agent Charley Hardman and sons Chris Sean and Doug to murder and harass the victims and families of clergy sexual abuse, in the name of national security. He’s also the FBI historian and administrative captain of the Wayne County Sheriffs dept in Wooster,Ohio, has chaired the local republican comittee, and has attempted to wrest a House of Representatives seat.

  • MJ Tea Party

    There is good coverage of the hidden damage to the ocean’s ecosystem in the October 2010 issue of Mother Jones.

    And PGOM, we (boomers) and our children should be figuring out ways to accurately frame our situation and ACT. Not just pass on bleak messages based on standard wing-nut sound-bites.

    This America we live in HAS harbored a cancer. It has learned how to put on a beautiful face, alas. It was the ugly side that FDR had the courage to publicly identify, those who were in charge of “private means of exploitation” with the unacceptable result that only a “small fraction” of the American population benefited from economic activity.

    Even if more difficult, there are still many ways to rip off the mask (reframing).

    What comes to mind is: a Corporate Collectivist National Security State has turned the tables on freedom loving people.

    Thus, a planned result, the death of the free press (print medium) is the result of Capital’s “revolutionary ways”, not obsolete Marxism.

    And so, mainstream media are “free” from the notion of objective journalism. We can witness those “radicals beyond the pale” who resist the “BP takeover”. It is just so easy to embrace collectivism-in-the-guise-of-national-security. Why? It’s all so beautiful and SECURE, the way these multinational corporations present themselves. With the assistance of government agencies, of course.

    Thus, the beautiful parasite (think oil company commercials on TV) is now the host or “homeland infrastructure” that requires government protection.

    And freethinkers are the disease.

    However, the battle is just being joined.

    The very existence of the Internet means we should not indulge in or accept the fear-mongering that our country is now a classical totalitarian state. This idea is also obsolete IMO. (Brave New World not “1984”)

    I think it should be obvious at this point that Wall Street (and its Grand Illusions, the Brave New Spectacle of Consumption, etc.) have paved the road to serfdom.


  • WAI

    You know reading all this and thinking about what can be done short of a revolution. Which leads to reform. And it dawned on me. Outlaw lobbyists! How simple. No contact from lobbyists period. Of course they could get around it by having contact with corporate donors via a private citizen cover. But all the lobbyist contact/money would need to be made crystalline clear. I ran across this browsing blogger the other day. It looks like a start. If reform is our mandate. You’ve got to start somewhere. — No Lobbyists!

  • I,too,was threatened by the USCG for sharing my video & info with a public website(Flickr & FOSL).
    They contacted several people(including my sister)trying to find me,along with there message-
    Stated they wanted to “sit me down & go over my video & dispel rumors.Wanted me to stop videoing…”
    They wanted to make me look crazy!
    An attorney I contacted told me not to meet with them,I had done nothing wrong.
    I’m not easily scared,but now I make sure I’m not being followed & watch my phone conversations.
    If anything,they have encouraged me to continue unfolding the truth-I definitely hit a nerve!

  • Jean

    This is scary stuff! Posting video is not “spreading rumors”. Robin’s videos are spreading the truth, which now appears to be a crime. The Coast Guard was supposed to be protecting us, not threatening people!

  • Gary

    TREASON is what it is

    The south has been sold out for its land

    There will be oil rigs all in the gulf all along the beaches

    Its worth more in oil than tourism and YOUR LIFE.
    The south has been erradicated, YOU WILL BE DEAD HERE SHORTLY

    GET OUT OF THE GULF NOW at least for your childrens sake

  • Gary

    Oh also let me mention BP who owns YOUR LAND just sold 4 fields to Japan
    Britain-the queen-BP has always owned us since the 19th century.
    We just scared them off back then
    WELL! actuaully oil well the just kicked OUR ASS in Gulf War II and we lost.
    They own our land and just sold it.
    Where is our military? We have nothing.

    This is joke people, this is war and they have 6 months bio terror attack commencement. Erradication at it finest or genociding

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