Report: “Tar balls and black oily plumes” wash up in Apalachicola Bay, FL — 70 miles EAST of Panama City (VIDEO)

Tar Balls on Carrabelle Beach, FL, Apalachicola Riverkeeper OSPREY Program >Robin Bailey, November 10, 2010

Taken on November 10, 2010 (Videographer misquoted date)

@ N29.82896 W84.69173 3:30 p.m.

Tar balls and black oily plumes wash up on Carrabelle’s Public Beach area on Apalachicola Bay, FL.

Plumes were seen all up and down beach, along with tar balls.

Reported to #DEP [Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection]

Watch all 20+ videos filmed on Nov. 10 by Robin Bailey here.

7 comments to Report: “Tar balls and black oily plumes” wash up in Apalachicola Bay, FL — 70 miles EAST of Panama City (VIDEO)

  • Say NO to Corporate America

    This is OUTRAGEOUS! They aren’t even trying to clean up these plumes, I guess that would be admitting they exist! There has been enough information on this website to warrant a closing of the ENTIRE Gulf of Mexico! The seafood is unsafe to eat- what creatures do survive should be left alone to help replenish what will/has died. Apalachicola Bay is the second largest estuary in this country!

  • nosiverspoon

    What she left out is the smell factor. When the wind blows just right you can smell oil.

  • Gary

    Better leave people


    You ain’t seen nothing yet

  • Jean

    I checked the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection website to see if this report was on there. Now they’re not even showing any oil impact reports. And the last water sampling posted was September 2. It’s quite obvious that they don’t care.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    This is in my neck of the woods. I’m seriously ticked. Lot of good it does.

  • JEnny

    She did not show the view to the west and as a former oil spill worker that has not been compensated and been hirt I can tell that that is run off from an inlet. At least thats what they told us to say. Just like when they left us to walk five miles down a beach in work boots and jeans in the dark bececause they forgot where are station was. People did not have bathrooms or water. Urination incidents and fainting was a regular occurance. I don’t know what else to say but I will never go back there!

  • JEnny: You, and those who were with you on the night that you were abandoned on the beach — should engage the best lawyer possible. You deserve generous compensation because of their incompetence.

    You must respect and value yourself, and not allow others to negligently endanger and mistreat you. It’s against the law. Both man and God’s.

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