Report: “Tar patties littered the shoreline for several miles” on island east of Apalachicola, Florida (VIDEO)

May Day Tar Patties SGI Size and Consistency 5, Apalachicola Riverkeeper OSPREY Program, 05/01/11:

Low tide: Wind SSE 15′ : Surf 1-3′
Several Osprey Program volunteers respond to reports of massive tar balls/tar patties seen on the beach of St.George Island, Fl.
Tar patties littered the shoreline for several miles on the Eastern end of St.George Island.
Size ranged from 1 cm to 7cm and less than a half inch thick.
Large amounts of tar found in the sargasso weed line and on the sandy shoreline.
Consistency of chewing gum,gooey texture with a distinct petroleum smell.
Three Opsrey volunteers searched an area less than 500 yards and filled two quart size jars within an hour.
An off-duty Park Ranger stated reports started early that morning and had been reported to Unified Command.
Expected SCAT Team by morning.
Hard 30′ winds previous night.
Opsrey volunteers will follow-up in the morning.
Collected material for chemical fingerprinting analysis.

h/t Robin Bailey

Watch all the videos here.

95 comments to Report: “Tar patties littered the shoreline for several miles” on island east of Apalachicola, Florida (VIDEO)

  • Daniel Hughes


    Check out for your questions about the flooding of Cairo. There is a thought-provoking article on there from yesterday.

  • right there with ya!

    Thanks for your observations & efforts to support the environment, beachbum! It sounds like you are a smart cookie & still more healthy than most (congrats), so make your move, accordingly.

    To all, it is time to get outta dodge!! Give them a foul salute on the way out. Take down all the names of the traitors and liars who did not defend your interests. There WILL be a reckoning!!!!

  • xdrfox

    Daniel Hughes
    I see !

  • Heart of the Rose

    I meant to say a bit more…I hope you are still taking a peak to see this
    All of this was only meant to be about finding mercy for the people.
    It didn’t have to come to this.
    There are names and faces to this ..correct…
    Gov. Jindal for one..Gov. Jindal has sealed his official records concerning the BP oil spill.
    Louisiana is financially in the hole and Jindal wants to raid the state coffers.

    Billy Nungesser..hollers alot about the spill ..yet he never has put out a health warning for his area and never will.
    Ray Mabus was sent done there to supposedly over see the clean up with the Navy blimp..only to buddy up with Mary Landrieu and Haley Barbour to carve up the restoration money.
    KNOWING damn full well that it can’t be done.
    It can’t be done!
    The restoration money..just a shovelling of funds to pals.. yet the people go hungry.
    There was another agenda in this country..something that gave hope to many ..particularly the youth that something could be done with this corrupt country of ours.
    It was breathtaking to watch as many(all)the “powers that be”..actively chose corruption..and what we find out now to be unimaginable evil.
    Wait beach bum.. I have a bit more to say
    PS. I am so glad you are leaving there.

  • beachbum

    Been up all night, couldn’t sleep. Wondering around the house. It’s a wonderful world we live in, Paradise! It’s heaven on earth. But we’ve let demons, reptiles, rule us. Their time is up! Your time is now.
    Would have left yesterday, headed over 100 miles inland. But my best friend over 40 years is coming by this morning to pick and grin with me. Couldn’t miss that, could I? Love my old guitar and good ole country/bluegrass.
    Love all my high school friends from the 60’s, love my family, love my hometown, but I got this feeling, this intuition, and it won’t let go. I’ve got survival gear collected over the last 7+ years, used to teach survival. Got a chance now to actually practice it. There’s a better world coming, can ya hear it?
    Love and Peace out!

  • Heart of the Rose

    Presently all I can hear are the drums of patriotism…LOL

  • Heart of the Rose

    @beach bum..Please check back tonight.. I have a few more things ..I’d like to discuss with you.

  • beachbum

    Will do, I will be on the road this afternoon into the night as my trailer and van are almost loaded.
    Please note my email address above. If we, any of us, lose contact, please stay in touch. Will be back this weekend for another load of stuff.
    I really hate leaving all my loved ones behind, but they understand their ole man. I just hate traveling alone.
    Love, and Peace out!

  • susan

    Have they been using corexit because tonight, i smelled a strong sweet chemical odor. Ive been smelling crude again since the 19th Of March. It was a little better for a few days but depending on the wind the heat and humidity seems to determine how much and often we can smell the crude. Tonight strong sweet chemical odor around 8:00 pm. We have been smelling it on and off since the oil gusher. We live in between Sarasota and St Petersburg close to the bay.

  • susan

    The plants and trees are slowly dying. People keep cutting down dead trees and bushes. It used to be lush and green before the oil but it’s not anymore.
    Many plants that are left continue to lighten in color everytime we have a good rain. I ask myself will the Fl heat and humidity bring more crude smells in from the gulf? Will these smells ever go away? Will the plants and trees continue to die untill we have nothing left?

  • Heart of the Rose

    @ beach bum
    We could have saved lives.
    Many, many lives.
    How many places got the call..?
    All the Governors in the area,most of the local news agencies..
    They got the call..they were forewarned.
    They were told the oil was coming.
    Senators were called..emailed..
    MSM media was about and there masters led them away by their noses.
    We speculated that the local authorities would abuse their own people and it has proved to be.
    The people watching the well..saw the oil coming and gave a marvelous fight in effort and make the people aware of the situation and the DANGER.
    Add corexit..
    This substance that has the capacity to break down hydrocarbons is being used to this day to hide the oil that is gushing out of the seafloor.
    Day after day…we watched it being dispersed on the seafloor. Workers were sprayed with it as they applied it on the surface and on the shoreline.
    And we knew that they were going to get sick.
    And the general population was going to get sick.
    We could have saved lives.

    Sorry my thoughts are so disjointed…more later.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Everyone was about..musicians, writers, artists, political activists,environmentalists,concerned oil men, reps. from the fishing and tourist industry..literally.. people of all walks of life interested and involved….
    Our plea was heard in the halls of Congress.. the Democrats were to carry in the ball.It’s not like we didn’t contact the Republicans…they just simply wouldn’t hear it.
    All we wanted was to draw the people back from the danger, punish the parties involved and provide compensation for the people.
    Like the others..she talked up helping the first.
    Enter Nancy Pelosi..
    Thanks ,Nancy, for turning the knife.

  • beachbum

    Heart of the Rose – You’re right! We want things returned to normal, whatever that is. But we can not go home, can’t go back to Kansas. But we can make a difference. To take massive amounts of profits at a time when claims are not being paid is atrocious! What a slap in the face. What kind of guy is Feinberg? I look at his mother and how she raised him. I look at his children and how they see him. I look at the company and how they gave him this power over lives. No judgment here just wonder.
    I am not surprised at what people will do for a buck. It surprises me everyday. There must be an underlying agenda. There must be someone or a group of someones who want these things to transpire this way. If not, what a weird string of events. And now, Ben. Fulford comments that this New Madrid thingy will devastate 15 nuclear reactors in mid-America in the immediate future. “How do you like living in a Stalag, my little ones?” “Well, we do have a roof over our heads, and we can see the sunshine between daybreak and our breakfast of grog! But why are so many people passing through here so fast?” “They, like us, Dear, are the one who didn’t do anything when they could have changed the world.” You’re gonna die anyway, Soooo! Die with dignity!
    Peace out!

  • beachbum

    I noticed this a.m. that our nuclear thingy is completely out of control. Completely! The flooding is out of control. Food prices are rising daily out of control. Gas! Homelessness. Employment. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Government. Diseases! Fear! All out of control!
    “But fear not” – Jesus the Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Gandi, Mother Teresa. Love is the word, stronger than anything they can throw at us. We are one. We must act as one. We must be in one accord. We will get through this, together.

  • TSGordon

    Deborah Dupre continues to post articles daily, but the Examiner (or the feds) keep blocking all of her outbound links to y’all’s news feeds…

  • TSGordon

    The most truly surpressed part of this story is what role that BP has been playing in the arena of radioactive (read, nuclear) materials distribution. Certainly, people would revolt if they really knew the role that GE plays in this same venue…

  • Heart of the Rose

    @beach bum
    Yes.. the seed of Love has been planted. Many of us have been here since the beginning of this disaster and we will remain together.
    Things are hushed now..yet truth has buried itself further into our hearts.
    Hope you have having a great travel day…check back when you have a moment.
    The story here does need some more flushing out..
    …. a few more names to drop….lol!

  • Heart of the Rose

    I post this often..I know.
    Owning the weather By 2025
    It say it all.
    They truly think they are smart enough to control the weather… better than our Creator.. and that they have the right to do so.
    They think they know better than the One that brings the soft pure rain upon the fields, and decides where the shadow of each tender leaf shall fall.
    Smarter than our Creator…NEVER.
    Get it… NWO..NEVER!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    If it wasn’t for this site and people in the area telling what is really happening, I would think all was ok.
    It’s far from alright.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Wow..I wound up having a rant about subject I had on my mind for the Fukashima blog.

    Here I want to mention the ROV watchers..their message has almost effectively been drummed out..but their place in history shouldn’t be..

  • Heart of the Rose the will of the the people made it to Washington….
    ..SWAT teams were sent out to arrest the BP criminals in charge.
    ..instead BP slapped the government’s hand…and reminded the government of it’s place.
    Back in bed….

  • beachbum

    Made it, though my van ran hot last night, and I didn’t arrive till 11 pm. Still my heart is at peace. Now starts a new phase in my life. It’s onwards and upwards…”to infinity and beyond” – Buzz Lightyear

  • I just couldn’t leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer. Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

  • Trust the seafood? Trust the clean air you breathe? Trust the water to be as clean as it was before the BP Oil Spill Disaster? Then, come on down.

  • Florida Gal

    Does anyone have tar balls/oil samples taken from the Atlantic?
    I need to get some so we can prove that there’s still oil leaking and USCG/BP knows it.
    Please reply here and I’ll give you my private email address after.
    This is very important!!!

  • Florida Gal
    I take it your looking for fresh tar balls or tar mates, I gave some of the first ones to wash up (sent to editor in Ca.) (also gave to TV station 2 Wesh)(kept some bagged but hard now) Best if you could talk to some shrimpers that are dragging there nets in Atlantic and see if they are getting any. Lots of PAH material came ashore for many months, but much has blended in with the sands now and under the sand in layers. I have posted links to here many times last year. June – Dec – 2011. Much of the Gulf stream has still stopped so don’t know if any will be washing out of the Gulf !

  • Wrong year above ! June – Dec – 2010

  • I just couldn’t leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer. Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

  • Florida Gal

    XDRFOX or Anyone Else:
    Actually,need some of the old material from last year.Looking for any samples from the Atlantic side & from central to S.Florida.
    It will help us link all the old BP oil with this new oil coming in.
    I promise to fill everyone in once we have accomplished a few more things!
    Gotta have some old samples in order to do this-so it’s very important we find some old samples.
    Anyone that has some that they’re willing to part with-it would greatly help our cause & would be so appreciated!
    Let me know & many thanks!

  • Florida Gal

    Any old samples from the West Coast will work.Doesn’t matter the size amount.
    Hard material will do fine!
    Please let me know!And many thanks!

  • Ok, I will lQQk in the tool bov where I put it Last July ! All it takes is a blacklight to see the corexit mix in with the oil, glows yellow orange, the sea shores last summer and fall lQQked like the milkyway ! I had a battery powered tubed blacklight. It was on the shores in the river here to and was easy to spot in the river !

  • Florida Gal

    You are absolutely right!We’ve found that a 365nm light works best for viewing.Surfrider’s has really helped us and has been perfecting the UV technique for some time now!
    Biggest deal is all this fresh oil is “glowing” positive for dispersant under UV lighting-hmmmm!
    Let me know about the old samples and many thanks!!

  • Hermit crabs dieing ! Along with the Blue Crabs, Oysters, Ghost …
    well as Ghost Crabs… the slime is becoming over whelming ! Other types deep sea crabs. Theses are washing up regularly now ! …

    Oil appears to be sinking under the sands on beaches (PICS)
    Finding a dead Ghost Crab, I broke it open to see black, oil ? … Another Ghost Crab did not move as we approached it and walk up to swindon 1 and she was …

  • Steady Blackening on The East Coast of Florida (PICS)
    The Ghost Crabs are not there, but not sure why. … I will be looking for the Ghost Crabs in the Spring to see if they return. …

    Small “TAR MATS” found today North Ormond Bch. Fl. East Coast …
    There were numbers of Blue Crabs and most all I saw seemed to be small to adolescent. Also at the Beach more dead Box/Ghost Crabs. …

    We can not see the oil and corexit during the day as well as your videos at night !

  • They play on Blackened beaches of dead and dieing !
    Ghost Crabs will let you walk up to them as they are unable to comprehend their mission, as if they are totally disoriatated. …

    Crabs dead along shores, Under docks and along shores Ormond Bch …
    Hermit crabs dieing ! Along with the Blue Crabs, Oysters, Ghost Crabs, Barnacles ! (PICS) To Gulf Oil Spill on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 2:32 …

  • Florida Gal

    I’ve been following your sites(BIN’s) since the beginning.We emailed eachother when we both started with videoing & recording this(ongoing) disaster.I’m in North Florida and volunteer with Osprey Program…. We compared notes on the black pellets coming ashore last Aug.-ring any bells?
    Anyway,I appreciate all your hard work and efforts!I know it’s not easy!

  • Florida Gal

    xdrfox:BTW-that’s my video & article above…

  • Florida Gal

    The pics of tar mats you took a year ago look just like the fresh oil we recorded(above article)that hit our beaches May 1st(2011).
    We have theories about this,hence the need for some of the old product.
    Need a more personal way to talk with you-please see comment section on the 1st report you gave above on your BIN’s site.

  • Florida Gal
    Haven’t forgot you, I looked in the toolbox Monday, I had planed to do some work on my bike, and would be pulling a lot of tools out today and look for the tar balls with more diligent, but alas I can not find them, I was sure that is where I had put them, but no luck there !
    I will keep looking and not give up ! Be patient !

  • Satellite shows it coming up the east coast, These tarballs are left over from the burns they did in the GOM, they did not burn completely but where thick but light enough to float, you could see where extreme heat had bubbled some, the tides and currant from the Gulf stream aloud them to travel with.
    The Gulf stream moved 400 thousand cubic feet per second when it used to flow !

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