BP contract worker: If cleanup crews TOUCHED seawater while on beach, “clothes were THROWN AWAY” & “you’re not here anymore” (VIDEO)

BP Contract Worker “Trenches Dug To Bury Oil On Beaches”, pcolagregg, October 8, 2010:

From a recently released BP Contract Worker who worked from Panama City to the Florida Alabama Line.

Transcript Summary

(at 6:50 in)

We were on the beach… If the water hit your shoe you had to be contaminated… that means… your clothes were thrown away… you didn’t come back to the beach… even though you were walking around in tar balls galore… but yet the water touching was the clincher… don’t get touched by the water or you’re not here anymore.

See http://PcolaGregg for more information.

14 comments to BP contract worker: If cleanup crews TOUCHED seawater while on beach, “clothes were THROWN AWAY” & “you’re not here anymore” (VIDEO)

  • premurderedGOM

    I have heard these stories from the workers myself.

  • Outraged

    Enough is enough,if we have any decent, honest military left, this has to stop.
    Go in & take over this country NOW!! People are sick & need help. If we can not get military help, then WE THE PEOPLE will have no choice, we are backed in a corner with very few options left.

    They must stop spraying deadly corexit & reveal the truth about the spill. God help this country because we sure do need it.

    I am watching my dad struggle to breathe & is very ill in the hospital. This is beyond belief. Military – we need you now!!!

  • Outraged,

    You can start with the ‘trolls’ on this website. KC needs to be watched — closely. Don’t visit any site he has a link to: it nearly destroyed my computer.

  • Outraged

    Biscuit, thanks for the heads up, the enemy seems to be popping up all over the place. This is like a fricking nightmare.

    Looks like some of the BP workers are coming forth with some information, don’t know why it took them so long. We are all in danger & in this together.

  • Outraged,

    If premurderedGOM says it’s true — you can take his word to the bank. I’ve listened to him, and he is genuine.

  • kingfish33919

    I was just listening to the Jeff Rense program and the fellow reporting tonight indicates that there are very few in that region who are pushing any concern. Is this true. If so, why.

  • Kingfish,

    That’s interesting. Please recall that one of the symptons of corexit poisoning is neuropathic: the people will feel sleepy, lethargic, and basically too dense to think straight. If it goes on very long it may become permanent.

    IMHO, they need money to move. They need energy to do all the things required to do so. They are sick and tired of it all, and they are losing brain cells required to make good decisions. Some may not understand English.

    Plus, maybe BP has a few sharp shooters hanging around?

    What did Jeff Renses’ guest say? Surely he made a statement as to why he felt that only a few in the region are pushing any concern.

  • sneezy

    We have now become or are becoming the oppressed much like the Native Americans,Afro-Americans in the days of slavery,people of Afghanistan,Iraq and Gaza.
    The methods used are sinister so as not to shock the populace with the gory sight of blood or battle.
    The use of “agent orange” and “depleted uranium” from the past comes to mind.
    On the more gory side, the attack of our ship “Liberty” in 1967 by one of our supposed allies serves as a “MO” for past and probable future events, involving lies, denial, cover-ups, supposed ignorance etc., etc.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    I am so angry I can’t see straight. My whole family is showing neurological signs of contamination; we are sick. We can’t move away; we have no money. I have the only 2 jobs in the house–two are on Social Security as retirees and the other is a kid. Now this really ticks me off. Here’s this stupid “Governor Loafers” telling everyone to jump in the water, it’s fine, eat the seafood, it’s fine. I’ve had to tell my kid we can’t EVER go back to the beach or eat shrimp and fish again. Sick. SICK!!! Who are these devils that think it’s ok to implement “Greenspace” and “Agenda21” and kill millions of people who never did them ANY harm? You psycho tarts in power want my land–BUY IT! Don’t kill me and take it. I have been against every war this country has fought in my lifetime because we were killing innocent people halfway around the world who never did us ANY harm. Now we are getting it here, too. We have got to put a stop to these genocidal maniacs somehow, some way! They are inhuman and inhumane and must be sequestered away from the rest of sane, normal, caring humanity–for ALL our sakes. I say put them on a deserted island surrounded by shark infested waters and let them kill each other off.

  • KC

    I’m a troll? I’m one of the few of my 2000 friends on facebook that mentions the GoM disaster on a daily basis.

    Don’t insult your friends if you wish to keep them.

  • giigui

    British empire never ended and they see us as useless eaters in the way of their global tyranny. Long live the rebellious south, holler when you are ready to rise again

  • Outraged

    I totally understand how you feel, I am just as angry as you. Just remember, we are on our own, our government has become hostile towards all american citizens. Please try & find out as much information as you can, this site is great, not sure what we would do without it. I am in the hospital now with my dad & I have mentioned to several of his doctors that we were in New Orleans recently. They agree this could be caused by chemicals, but not sure what to do about it. We are going to need some environmental doctors to come to our rescue. My dad is really having a rough time & it is heartbreaking.

    Please keep the faith & we are going to get thru this.

  • I feel your pain and confusion about what is going on and I feel compassion for you there in the Gulf. I can only say this. DISCOSURE is Imminent and a bright future does await us .. indeed.. a future that is now beginning. These dark ones know their time is up and thats why they are doing it all in our faces now.. they are very afraid! in in the face of adversity they are becoming so desperate to retain their power over us all on the planet. The UFO fly over above Manhattan is a sign that the dark ones are finished.. There will be more until they give up the reins of power. I am not a crack pot so dont bother throwing insults at me i am the messenger.Just know all will be fine and soon. Breathe in the love and light that is being shone upon us and feel the joy in knowing all will be well.

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