Reporter: “Entire communities where they’re vomiting blood, passing blood” in Louisiana — “Very, very serious situation here” (VIDEO)

Dahr Jamail Interview, Intel Hub Radio, September 17, 2010:

Full interview here. Report on interview here.

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15 comments to Reporter: “Entire communities where they’re vomiting blood, passing blood” in Louisiana — “Very, very serious situation here” (VIDEO)

  • It sounds like some of the techology the Dutch offered us initially when they offered to help us respond to the spill. Which of course our Geniuses in the Beltway Turned down.

    I wish our government were smart enough to use something like that, I but I am not holding my breath.

  • And the doctors won’t allow the patients to mention BP.

    Would that be the case if the toxin were on lettuce you purchased at the grocery store?

  • Sisterbluebird,

    It’s obvious that Obama and BP did not want to stop that oil volcano. And, they don’t want it stopped now.

    The Dutch technology surpasses ours, but this oil volcano is the worst in human history. It can’t be stopped.

    I hope the scientists are wrong.

  • grandma caesar

    sisterbb, the government is not stupid; they are greedy and evil. they play stupid so they can get away with it. notice how the reps always blames the dems, and the dems always blames the reps, but when the underdog party gets into power, they don’t work to change things back to the way they were. all of them, from the president down thru congress, is corporate-owned. and now it appears that many of the city governments along the coast have been purchased as well.

  • John

    Grandma Caesar…Right on!

  • Marilynn

    The gulf oil disaster fits right in with the NWO elitists’ plans for world dominance. I’m waiting for them to blame the illnesses on climate change so they can levy carbon taxes on the people puking blood.

  • Outraged

    Lets face it, they are trying to thin our numbers before we can wake up and act against them as a group. Right now we have the numbers to change things but what fate awaits us and the world, if we sit idly buy and allow them to kill our fellow man, while we look the other way? Every American should be outraged by what is going on in the Gulf. “Accident”? I don’t believe so.

  • Canuck

    I was afraid of this. With the chronic exposure to the chemicals in the dispersants it was inevitable, and it’s only begun. A crime of staggering proportions.

    Well said Grandma Caesar and sadly very true.

  • gyiygpi

    unfortunately, chemical tree damagae in the midwest, over 600 miles from there, shows that this will also not remain only a “Gulf problem” 🙁

    and meanwhile the mason president and mason owners of BP (QUEEN OF ENGLAND, ROTHSCHILDS, even if not officially) will continue to protect one another and even get off on the suffering and death caused by it. The joke is on us, at least unless there’s a God or a powerful alien civ. to smack the tastes out of their mouths

  • Woop

    We’ve been over-run in the USA, by thugs, thieves, liars, and con-artists: these attributes are the essentials for “corporate” status.

    I recall seeing Matt Simmons, on Dylan Ratigan’s show last July, and thinking: this guy has a large set, to go out and publicly declare the petrochemical giant employs a big set of skilled liars.

    But Matt drowned in his tub, we’re “informed”. Did the toxic screen reveal a lethal mix of alcohol, or drugs, or both? Did any post-mortum disclose severe heart damage, pursuant to a heart attack? Were there witnesses at home, at the time of the alleged heart attack, or was Mr. Simmons alone?

    We know what these people are capable of, “911” and the “911 wars” prove it so. Yeah, all they managed to do, besides raking in countless billions and trillions, and ruining us, was to instill mass distrust. I say, go to hell, you sonsabitches.

  • Don Coley

    The politicians are allowing this to occur. Do you need anymore proof to take out the politicians?

  • Gary

    Al Bushomma as stated has a special relationship with BP-British Petroleum and the queen. People of the south are not included meaning due to the economy you must be exterminated. I know, I know it sounds funny but its true.
    Florida is the richest state of retires and believe it or not thats the prime target. Sure! the fisheries are destroyed and people will be ruined but it will come back in 100 years and your great, great, great grandchildren will be able to keep the history alive.
    Yes! I’m joking you will not have grandchildren nor will you watch you grandchildren here shortly
    This is Gulf War II and we lost
    Day 150 of war with Britain
    Southerns 1814 all over again
    GET OUT NOW you lose and will be genocided by bio terror from Britain and US government
    Kiss your children and your a– goodbye

  • Eric

    Don Coley is right. We have to act now before elections, or another 911 to inform the public about what’s re3ally going on in the Gulf of Mexico!

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