Reporter: Massive fishkill so thick looks like “a gravel road” — NO TESTING to see if from oil spill (VIDEO)

Dead whale and thousands of dead fish found near Venice shipping canal, WWL-TV New Orleans, September 13, 2010 at 10:41 p.m. EDT:


Thousands of fish and a dead whale on Monday were found…

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser… said there is no testing going on to determine if it’s from the oil spill, although the northern Gulf of Mexico has suffered from a persistent dead zone of low oxygen, blamed on nutrient rich runoff from the Mississippi River.

Nungesser said this is different because usually the kills happen to only one or two species of fish.

21 comments to Reporter: Massive fishkill so thick looks like “a gravel road” — NO TESTING to see if from oil spill (VIDEO)

  • sam

    They want to blame the microbes for everything! They ate the plumes, they killed the fish – how convenient!

    These waters are the same waters our government has opened for fishing, no?

    There is certainly no way to say that seafood is safe to eat until a test for Corexit has been developed and is applied… but one thing is certain, to declare the waters safe and open for fishing does help the Obama Administration get this story buried, as well as helping BP financially.

  • Chuck

    Watching from Canada I am disgusted to see Americans sit back passively while this happens. Hang these criminals from BP and burn down the White House because Obama is a traitor loyal only to Corporations Not the People. Stand Up or Die Americans!

  • this has gottne rediculous – even the vast majority of people living down there refuse to accept the truth – coughing all the while. if people don’t think mind control exists, then explain all this.

  • Jason

    This is a perfect example of what Agenda 21 is all about.The Monsters doing this want the Gulf coast and the people are like Vermin on their property. No one in their right mind would dump 2 million plus barels of a toxic oil despersant that will kill sea life as well as people, unless there was an alternative agenda for doing so. I heard they got a plan to grow Algae for biofuel and need all of the Gulf coast to make it profitable. Again money over poeple’s lives. Also I heard of a real estate scam. If they can make poeple leave and defualt on their morgages then banks can get prime real estate for the Elitist friends across the world. They probably has a method to clean up the toxicings in short time once they remove the unwanted populace. These are a few stories I have found by googleing. Here is posible truth behind the oil spill in the Gulf. An oil eating algae for biofuel production. This is the plan: I am telling you, these poeple behind this are master mind criminals and they have their hands in everything including Mainstream Media, so don’t expect them to tell you about this.

  • Lynn D.

    Population reduction is the name of their game. I’m glad my kingdom is not of this world. (John 18:36)

  • Mark

    What are these people smoking. Not that many fish the guy says. Bull Crap!!! Millions even billions of fish and other animals dead however not reported covered up! People getting sick covered up low oxygen levels gee can you say methane and poison!! These people are evil and any that go along with their BS should burn in hell. There was so many dead fish it looked like a road. Who know how many deep they were and not one sea bird touching them. If that is not poison what is. They are lyres and any one that eats anything off the Gulf is just Mad I tell you simply mad crazy and have a death wish. This is going on all over the place they the government won’t even buy Cattle from down there because they say they may be poisoned from the grass . Look its not just a dead zone in the gulf waters its a dead zone all the way up the coast an land in the Fresh water table and so on. I expect in the next year millions of sick people and death beyond countable numbers They will move the military in there and start burning Bodies next we are looking at a shift in our hole Eco system and mass extinction if anyone says other wise they have their heads up their back sides. The guy says it won’t effect Dolphins Bull they eat these fish and will die from the poison its all a huge cover up and if the oil spill was not a crime what BP and Our Government has done after is most defiantly a crime beyond money and measure even if we as a nation were able to get these Pie holes in jail where they belong its too late for millions of people the damage has been done. In the coming years those that survive will ask why did we Americans let this happen. Ill give you the answer because none are willing to get off their Butts and wake up and take our nation back! No America your days are numbered we are seeing the death of our great mother earth and our America

  • Colleen

    Dear God in heaven, what is wrong with America? We must wake up for our country is disappearing right before our very eyes. The question is commonly asked, “What can one person do?” We can all get on our knees and ask God to restore our sanity and lessen our complacency. To open our eyes as to what is happening to our planet earth. This is some very scary stuff, folks. Folks are too concerned about their Fantasy Football schedules, their favorite TV programs, and what the next door neighbors are doing. This is what our country has turned into.

    I feel so sorry for the devastation that is taking place in our ecosystems. Imagine the latent contraindications that these oil dispersants will have on humanity in the near future.

    We must pray harder now than ever before. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ our Lord. He has promised to come back and take His people home with Him.

  • Hello Chuck,

    What would you have us do? Really? Go on the warpath? Our government — the Executive, the Judicial, and the Legislative branches have abandoned us. They no longer listen to our civilized pleadings concerning policy, laws….

    Your call for violence is provocation at its worst. Don’t ask us to do what you are not doing for yourself. To do so will only lead you to frustration.

    How’s that New World Order thing doing for you? What about The North American Union? Is your government clearing up some “in use” land in Canada?

  • Chuck

    biscuitandbutter, I suggest you just sit in a corner shut up and eat everything you are fed. If the American population has been dumbed down so much that they cannot have inspired leaders that see revolution is the only solution then perhaps it is best history follows it’s course.
    For myself and many like minded we are preparing for drastic measures if they ever need to happen. When government turns against the majority of the people in support of Corperations things need to change. How do you best influence government and authorities to change? use the same psychology they use on us? Start here. Make lists of everyone in government and law enforcement. Let them know you know who they are and where they live. Spread this list to everyone and see who has the power. Push come to shove see who buckles.
    Lists are being made here. I would say that Law enforcement and government could be brought to its knees in less than 4 hours. They need to know they work for the people. You should know who they are and where they live… Power to the people.

  • C.Dodds

    I agree with much that has been written above. Terrorists who support spraying corexit etc. could cause more deaths ultimately than those who created 9/11. All these people seem insane or extremely short-aighted. They are destroying their planet as well as ours.

  • Jason

    Congressman: BP “Openly Blackmailing the American Government”
    By Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones Online
    Posted on September 8, 2010, Printed on September 15, 2010

    BP wants the federal government to meet its demand for continued access to oil and gas leases in the United States. If the oil giant can’t keep drilling here, its promise to compensate victims of the Deepwater Horizon disaster might go unfulfilled—or so the company claims.
    You can read the whole story at link above. BP wants to keep drilling in the Gulf even after the oil spill non-accident or the people on the Gulf coast wont get compensation. They need to be sued with a class action suit immediately by the people getting compensation from BP.

  • Jimmy

    Obama is a TRAITOR and a THREAT to the USA. All on capital hill are as well. Most of all it’s the FED. Nothing short of a VIOLENT revolution is gonna change this. I think they are pushing for violence so they can justify the agenda 21 cullings.

  • Jimmy

    Wait, you have to be a citizen to be a traitor. My bad.

  • alacrity

    glad there are people who think about this…

    When I first heard about this disaster, I was freaked out! Why was the Admin. doing nothing??!!! Is it just me? Why is every report worse and worse? Everyone else was telling me not to worry. “They’ll clean it up soon.” “Don’t worry!”

    Meanwhile, I was in internal spiritual anguish. I often wanted to vomit and retch for hours. I had vivid nightmares, sometimes about tortured marine mammals signaling me for help. I’ve never lived on the Gulf, but my most visceral physical reactions were when I was staying near the Atlantic ocean….

    I’ve long had medium gifts and premonitions that are uncannily accurate. And from the start of this, I had grieving forebodings about the magnitude of this disaster and its impact on innocent lives and indescribably beautiful places….

    As it plays out, now I know why I had such a revulsion to this from the beginning.

  • Chuck,

    When you said, “I suggest you just sit in a corner shut up and eat everything you are fed.” it gave me an idea. Yessiree! I wish to have you dine with me. And, best of all, I shall use my dainty little saucers and bowls to serve you the best “curds and whey” in the world.

    And, some goodie-goodie gum drops too.

  • Chuck,

    Now, about that reverse psychology, and making a list of all the names of those in law enforcement and government — with their home addresses, and letting them know that we can get to them, is, ahhhhhh, a little reckless don’t you think. Keep in mind The Patriot Act, and the ‘war-on-terror’.

    Just voicing our opinions in opposition to the American government can have us in a cell in no time if they wish, and a hearing — perhaps never.

    Plus, we need to keep in mind that our government can attack a target group using weapons such as lasers to set us on fire from the inside out, drones that can target *individuals* from 5000 feet above Earth, loud sounds that are extremely painful and can make you crazy — at least temporarily, killer robots that climb buildings to get to you….

    I could go on-and-on. The point is, common folks cannot fight sky machines, and we can all be tracked: Vaccines are an excellent medium to insert a tracking device into your body without your knowledge, and the new drivers licenses have the RFID identifiers embedded in them. And if we wish to hide?

    All caves in America are closed to the public, and from what I understand, are under guard 24 hours a day.

  • Badger

    I have friends in the area and like good americans they say nothing and do nothing because they are affected by the psychological tactics used by smart talking government figures comments like “either your with us or your WITH the terrorists” so they sat back and did nothing. Most americans have sat back and done nothing which is why the governments of many countries can do what they do with impunity and plausible deniability. America is in the grip of an unseen tyranny one that uses “laws” to squash you like bugs, it isnt new, hell Hitler did it and now the american government has a number of people in high office who you would rather where not there. Now because the americans like many other nations just sit back and do nothing when their own government creates false flag terrorism because they are afraid or ignorant leaving a few die hard stand up types who will almost certainly get mown down by the machinations of government. Obama knows nothing of what is happening it creates his own plausible deniability. Its your shadow government, those that sit at the back pulling the puppet strings who are the perpetrators of massive crimes and you know what they are and you know who they are, it doesnt need to be repeated. Dont commit suicide throwing yourselfs onto the bayonets of your own forces of law and order, you will have to be more clever than that.

  • Sherri

    Trust me they are never going to admit it was from the oil….They don’t want to pay out any more money than they have to. As far as some of the comments made about Obama and all on Capital hill I couldn’t agree more!! The only thing that is going to fix this country is if the people take it back!! I see a Civil war coming in the future….

  • Sherri

    This is to BADGER…Of course that is the way it is going to be… Don’t you know your never suppose to say anything bad about the government. The government was set up to work for the people and now its only purpose is to work for Big business…They pad politicians pockets and they kiss their ass!!

  • Sherri

    All I can say is the government is running this country into the ground!!!

  • Chuck

    Sit and talk… That is all you will do.

    Don’t complain when you are rounded up like cattle because you didn’t have a plan. First Nations groups have a plan.

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