Reporter’s footage of “oil popping up all around the boat” — “Right here behind the motors they’re coming up pretty good” (VIDEO)

Oil emerges in Gulf near Deepwater Horizon well, Press-Register, August 24, 2011:

In this video shot [filmed August 23] near the site of the Deepwater Horizon accident, globs of oil are seen blooming on the Gulf surface in iridescent yellow circles. […]

See also: CONFIRMED: Oil bubbling up above Macondo well is chemical match to BP’s crude, says NOAA’s Ed Overton (PHOTOS)

3 comments to Reporter’s footage of “oil popping up all around the boat” — “Right here behind the motors they’re coming up pretty good” (VIDEO)

  • Stir up that oil and COREXIT yeah get it up in the sky so’s it can fall on the crops in those areas.Corexit in the morning,COREXIT mabye with lunch,Corexit for dinner good stuff great for vegetables sprinkle some on White House garden yum yum….

  • beachbum

    As I write this, there is a little storm with high winds, dumping heavy rains on the N.O. area. This will clear the surface so that we can easily see just where this oil is raising its ugly little head again. Let’s go, BP! Get on the stick. Need your money and lots of it, most of it. Everyone who filed a claim last year is eligible to do so again, with higher returns on your loses. Two years in a row with huge loses and loses of gain potentials. Profits do not add up, they multiply.
    So, scurry your asses on down to the local BP comfort station and file new claims for this year, and, while you’re there, ask about next year.

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