More reports of flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf — 12 y/o dies after only his feet touched the water (VIDEO)

The WDSU report notes the risk of infection by the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus increases if the liver is impaired from alcohol use, which is on the rise around the Gulf since the oil disaster.

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Reports from WDSU on July 8 and KHOU on September 9 and 22:

The National Science Foundation awarded a rapid response grant to research how the oil disaster may “change” Vibrio vulnificus. From the NSF website on June 21, 2010:

How are the oysters faring with the oil spill? The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a rapid response grant to scientists Crystal Johnson, Gary King and Ed Laws of Louisiana State University (LSU) to find out.

The researchers will look at how the abundance and virulence of naturally-occurring bacteria called Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus, often found in oyster beds, may change in response to the spill.

The findings will provide insights into vibrios’ ability to “consume” oil, and will allow the biologists to uncover antibiotic compounds in certain species of phytoplankton that live in association with vibrios.

Adaptation to the spilled oil may result in an increase in some types of vibrios,” says Johnson. “We believe that vibrios will change in response to the stress of direct exposure to oil and/or to indirect effects of interactions with other species affected by oil.”

Vibrios… may even help break down the components of the oil.

“Little is known about how microbes–in the water, along coasts, and associated with other species–are affected by the spill,” says Phillip Taylor, acting director of NSF’s Ocean Sciences Division.

“Through this NSF rapid response grant, these scientists will be able to track the oil’s effects on marine species living in the Gulf, and by extension, the possible threat to human health.” …

Oil-induced changes in phytoplankton community composition and their associated bacterial communities are related to changes in vibrio abundance,” he says. Some species of phytoplankton in Louisiana and Mississippi coastal waters may excrete antibiotics that inhibit the growth of vibrios, according to Laws.

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19 comments to More reports of flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf — 12 y/o dies after only his feet touched the water (VIDEO)

  • Dan


    If you have to buy into false religious beliefs keep them to yourself rather than misleading others. The book of Revelation is a sealed book meaning there is nothing more prophetically to be given. Jesus has provided us with all we need in the Holy Bible. To trust anyone in this day and age that claims to have a continued revelation from the Lord,,,,, well you might as well go drink your poison kool-aid now. Quit buying into all the fear and plunge yourself into the love that is in Christ Jesus. read you Bible for yourself and pray for the Holy Spirit’s direction and you will see the falsehood in sites as the one you have listed in your comment.

  • Dan

    Mark one more comment. The more I look at the site the more I pity you and those being misled by this unholy garbage. Read your Bible and learn the truth. God talks through His Holy preserved Word not some faker today. PLEASE PRAY GOD SHOWS YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS SITE PROMOTING FALSE TEACHINGS!!!!!

  • Mark

    Sure go swim in the gulf enjoy a day at the beach eat sea food the President OBAMA and The EPA and BP say its safe trust them and then die hours later or get your armers and legs or anything else that touched the water Cut the Frick off.
    People are being murdered and we Americans do nothing what the hells wrong with everyone. My god people wake up
    The gulf is no longer safe its polluted and is now full of flesh eating Bacteria and god knows what else. Many more will die just think of how many have paper cuts or small scratches and are swimming in the crap this is just the beginning sadly because people can no longer think! I feel sorry for this mother however if she would have used her head her son may still be alive The Government will do nothing for her if she is an Illegal alien However if she is not she may have a law suit against them BP/EPA / Government/President Oboma every one that has lied and said it was safe. It will take years to battle in courts or they will pay her off . How many people will be paid off how much is a loved ones life worth when its a child an only son? Money some times can never be enough. The Government will come up with a million reasons why people are dieing all that will turn the blame away from them and BP. I bet a million laws are being broke now and not one person in jail amazing!

  • premurderedGOM

    CHECK THIS OUT: The main cause of this bacteria is organic carbon /pesticide pollution, i.e. oil/Corexit. The MAIN cause of DEATH is by INGESTING SEAFOOD FROM THE COASTAL WATERS WHERE THE BACTERIA ARE THRIVING. It is SECONDARY to die of open wound infection! I find it vulgar to hire a pretend Doctor to say vile things like all southerners are drunks with liver problems. Anyone with half a brain could see the shill in this story. I would love to go head to head with this lying piece of crap.

  • Steve

    The kid in the first video seems to be flashing the devil’s horns. I’ve noticed several famous politicians make the same gesture. Interesting.

  • Ali

    Okay, Could everyone calm down please. Let’s stick to the facts. To make a statement about a child’s death referring to “sdevil’s horn’s” is in extremely poor taste, and is in no way conveying Christ’ love to anyone.

    Here are the facts and I am basing this on my own research and practice as a nurse.

    The flesh eating bacteria is usually caused by streptococcal infections. It is a rare occurrence when this infection invades. Even rarer is having the bacterium Vibrio vulnificus be the culprit. Vibrio vulnificus as stated above is usually contracted by eating contaminated seafood(oysters that are raw or undercooked) There are 100 strains of Vibrio vulnificus that have been isolated. However determinig which strain is more virulent is key and so far scientists have been unable to make that determination.

    It is my opinion Something has happened to the bacteria in the gulf that has spurred an overgrowth and a change in virulence, most likely the chemical dispersants, the genetically modified bacterium Alcanivorax borkumensis and the amount of oil that has spilled. A combination of all three.

    My heart goes out to all those who are suffering from these horrible maladies in the gulf and elsewhere. It is unconscionable that any one would talk about compensation replacing the death of a child. Can all who made such callous remarks return to being human!

    Do you think this couldn’t be you? Here is some information you should look into.

    There is some evidence that whatever is causing the sickness in the gulf is being transmitted in the rain! that means ALL will be effected! We are working to prove or disprove this claim
    right here at

    We believe we are not being told the truth about what is going on in the gulf. Whether it was intentional or not is irrelevant at this point. The idea that people are dying of only God knows what, should be enough to spring us into action.

    This is a very serious and critical issue for everyone. The time is now to stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about others.


  • bap

    Not that it matters at this point, but those aren’t devil horns. That symbol mean “rock on.”

  • Fay., NC

    People who work with seafood in restaurants and meat markets should be aware of this pronto, because they are always getting cuts and scrapes! Pretty soon the entire Atlantic is going to be deadly. Meanwhile, Oprah continues to coo her white audiences to sleep and Obama (funny how both of these mind-control masters’ names begin with the letter “O”) awes and hypnotizes the masses in high definition.

  • Oz-1

    Since this is a bacteria, there’s currently a cure for this.

    the CURE is…

    ‘Total Eradication of Super Bugs’

    Use search engine.

  • Steve

    The saddest part of social engineering (political correctness) is one can’t even make an observation without hurting somebody’s feelings. Sigh.

  • Well, they promised to update OILGEDDON, THE BEGINNING OF THE END when the body bags started coming out. Probably not enough dead bodies yet (compared to fish) but it won’t be long now. I can feel it in my bones. I also feel it elsewhere but this is a family show.

  • Oh good, the crazy brigade has arrived!

  • milidude

    Hey doc: you dumba$$ making such stupid comments as you did”we are drinkers down here in the south- how about: it may be the corexit is causing bacteria/viruses to morp into killer diseases???.

    i have a chronic disease, maybe you can help me get rid of it…. there is this growth….monkey on my back and its named “u.s. govt. it seems to be a cancerous growth and may need strong radiation to get rid of it, or perhaps we can just cut it off and let it die. i think many people have this condtion and dont even know it. its time we all stand up and get treated against the disease known as the federal govt. i think a vaccine high in lead content may do the trick.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Yeah, I’m a drunk methhead inbred hick redneck whitetrash 13th generation Southerner….who speaks 4 languages, has a JD and a PhD and is world traveled. I also fish. Hahaha. Prejudiced colonizing carpetbagging scum of the earth “doctor.” The worm is turning. I hope I get my chance to speak truth to power before I die. Just once. DEO VINDICE!

  • premurderedGOM

    I smell a revolution. Long live the confederacy!

  • HOW, do I spell Relief?

    C-O-L-L-O-I-D-A-L S-I-L-V-E-R !

    (Kills over 650 disease causing pathogens!)

  • OneBeanLeft

    Can everyone say, “COREXIT?”

  • y reports of a housing bubble in China, I asked a friend livin

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