“Contaminated”: USF Researcher finds BP’s oil covering entire beach & indicates dispersant in coastal lake — Apologizes to public for listening to officials that this part of Florida was OK

USF researchers: Ultraviolet tests show ‘contaminated’ beach, Walton Sun, October 15, 2010:

A researcher for the University of South Florida Coastal Research Lab recently examined Walton County beaches under UV light and says they are “still contaminated” after the BP oil spill.

Rip Kirby, a graduate student, held a high-powered ultraviolet light over one stretch of beach, and it illuminated patches of what he says are “accumulation of petroleum product and dispersant.” He apologized for not taking samples sooner.

How contaminated is the beach?

This beach is just as contaminated as the rest, I’m sorry,” Kirby said, adding, “I took the local government officials’ word that these beaches were not impacted and stopped my testing in Destin.”

Is this oil contamination natural or normal in the areas beaches?

Kirby said the samples match the “fingerprint” of the Deepwater Horizon spill and that the team is tallying “concentration levels.”

Most shocking of all?

When the group ventured over to survey Stallworth Lake’s* outflow [see below], the sand glowed bright orange, the color Kirby says indicates dispersant contamination.

How much of the beach is oiled?

[T]he oil…he says… is present all the way to the dune line but is not visible to the naked eye.

No officials would return calls to the Sun:

Walton County Emergency Operations Director Joe Preston did not return multiple calls from The Sun. Walton County Commissioners Cecilia Jones and Scott Brannon also did not return multiple calls. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office also did not return calls.

Why did he decide to test the beaches, even though officials said they were not impacted?

Kirby tested the sands in Walton County late last month at the request of The Sun in response to the communities’ mounting concerns regarding the condition of the beaches and inland waterways and what many say is the lack of response from local, state and federal officials.

* Stallworth lake is a coastal dune lake. “These lakes are a unique geographical feature and are only found in Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, and here in Walton County,” according to the County’s website.

See: BP-funded scientist admits oiled areas treated with DISPERSANTS HAVE STILL NOT RECOVERED AFTER 30 YEARS – Untreated areas OK in FIVE YEARS (VIDEO)

Dispersant discussion at 3:00 minutes in

6 comments to “Contaminated”: USF Researcher finds BP’s oil covering entire beach & indicates dispersant in coastal lake — Apologizes to public for listening to officials that this part of Florida was OK

  • Jean

    Nice to see that someone is getting out there and doing some testing. I’m not surprised that the Walton County officials didn’t return calls, nor am I surprised that the state testing results did not find any dispersants. Stallworth Lake is at the eastern edge of Topsail Hill State Park. From the Google map, it appears that the lake has only a small outlet channel to the Gulf. If dispersant was found in the lake, that would seem to indicate that it was used near shore. But of course that didn’t happen. The state says, “Dispersants were never used in state of Florida waters.” Dispersant test results are at the bottom of this link. Notice how few tests were done.

  • Dixie

    The bottom line is that politicians on every level think that we are stupid and cannot rationalize and use common sense.
    Officials will not respond because they would lose their jobs for covering up! Follow the money trail. That is what this Country has become! The elites don’t want to lose their cushy life and to Heck with the hard working Americans! It is pretty cut and dry.

  • Obstacles to discovery and truth: Kirby with his apologies, incompetence, delayed tests, and officials whose cat has gotten their tongues; the machines of power are all on mute. Way to go!

    Phones are ringing off-the-hook in the offices of the *important* county employees. The aspired to offices and halls of civilization are vessels that should be full of human discourse and mechanical quiet; instead, humans are silent and hiding under their desks while the phones ring, and ring, and ring, and ring….

    There’s not one person willing to state the obvious, “They gotcha and we don’t care.”

  • ghana

    So B & B , are you suggesting we dress up to the nines and go talk these fine people hiding umder their fucking desks? So many letters; and nothing to fucking say!

  • ghana,

    Yes! Yes indeed! Dress to the nines.

    You should all walk into their offices, take a seat at each desk [underwhich the scardy cats are hiding]; remove the phone from its cradle and unplug it, and then begin a dialogue with the disengaged government servant — who is trembling under the desk.

    Once you have satiated your desire for additional “tell’em like it is” and “just wait until we pull your butts out from under there”, and have retrieved their personal cell phone numbers, ectera, I expect they’ll get-up-to-speed right away. They just might be ready to start earning their salaries at this point…

    And as you leave the room, be assured that they will be peering from beneath their desk, and in such a humble position feel undone, because they are watching you — dressed-to-the-nines, walking out all spiffy in your Sunday best. Your carriage will express your importance.

    And don’t think they won’t be watching: They will be. So, just go ahead and take-your-leave, as a man of great stature, as a man who owns a great share of the Gulf of Mexico — a beautiful land, and a beautiful body of water.

    You are a fine and proud man, a man who knows the difference between effective governing and defective government. Let them know what you understand.

    Talk to them and write to them. Just copy the one letter, and leave the letters on their desks, in their inboxes, on their bulletin boards, in their lunch rooms (staff will see), in the lobbies of large office buildings…

    Now, brush the lint from your suit and part your hair and get going.

  • I really appreciate such an informative post. Thanks for sharing it!

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